Shell company

Shell company,

Definition of Shell company:

  1. An inactive company used as a vehicle for various financial maneuvers or kept dormant for future use in some other capacity.

  2. Non-trading firm formed (and often listed on a stock exchange) as a vehicle to (1) raise funds before starting operations, (2) attempt a takeover, (3) for going public, or (4) as a front for an illegal business. See also shelf company.

How to use Shell company in a sentence?

  1. The company is merging with two other rivals via a three-way acquisition by a long-dormant shell company, but it promises that the deal is the first of several in this fragmented industry.
  2. Some people prefer to go through a shell company when they acquire something so the government doesnt find out for tax reasons.
  3. You may want to set up a shell company to be the figurehead for your business if you dont want all the attention.
  4. I did not want to work for the shell company because I did not like it and I knew that I would have a terrible time there.

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