Definition of Sheet:

  1. A broad flat piece of material such as metal or glass.

  2. Flat-rolled material sold usually in standard size rectangles or squares, instead of as coils or rolls.

  3. An extensive unbroken surface area of something.

  4. Cover with or wrap in a sheet or sheets.

  5. A large rectangular piece of cotton or other fabric, used on a bed to cover the mattress and as a layer beneath blankets when these are used.

  6. (of rain) fall in large quantities.

  7. A rectangular piece of paper, especially one of a standard size produced commercially and used for writing and printing on.

Synonyms of Sheet

Bed linen, Linen, Bedclothes, Layer, Stratum, Pane, Panel, Piece, Plate, Piece of paper, Leaf, Page, Folio, Afghan, Alabaster, Area, Article, Back matter, Bed linen, Bedclothes, Bedcover, Bedding, Bedsheet, Bedspread, Blanket, Book, Buffalo robe, Cardboard, Case, Chalk, Chapter, Clause, Clothes, Coat, Coating, Collop, Comfort, Comforter, Contour sheet, Counterpane, Cover, Covering, Coverlet, Coverlid, Cut, Daily, Daily newspaper, Deal, Disk, Driven snow, Eiderdown, Expanse, Extra, Extra edition, Fascicle, Feuille, Film, Fitted sheet, Flap, Fleece, Flour, Foam, Foil, Fold, Folio, Front matter, Gathering, Gazette, Ivory, Journal, Lamella, Lamina, Laminated glass, Laminated wood, Lamination, Lap, Lap robe, Layer, Leaf, Lily, Linen, Maggot, Membrane, Milk, Monthly, National newspaper, Neighborhood newspaper, News, Newspaper, Newspaper of record, Number, Page, Pane, Panel, Paper, Paragraph, Passage, Patchwork quilt, Patina, Pearl, Peel, Pellicle, Phrase, Pillow slip, Pillowcase, Plait, Plank, Plate, Plating, Ply, Plywood, Quilt, Quire, Rag, Rasher, Ream, Robe, Rug, Safety glass, Scum, Section, Sentence, Sheeting, Signature, Silver, Skin, Slab, Slat, Slice, Slip, Snow, Special, Special edition, Spread, Stationery, Stratum, Stretch, Surface, Swan, Table, Tablet, Tabloid, Text, Veneer, Verse, Wafer, Weekly, Weekly newspaper

How to use Sheet in a sentence?

  1. A sheet of ice.
  2. The small pipe has been formed from a flat sheet of bronze.
  3. We sheeted a narrow bed.
  4. Sleeping blankets and covers, sheets and quilts have been made - with the childrens assistance.
  5. A sheet of unmarked paper.
  6. Rain sheeted down.

Meaning of Sheet & Sheet Definition