Sheek Meaning

Sheek Meaning

What is meant by chic and chic? ۔

That means chic, when you see a piece of clothing you think, oh, it's so stylish!

what is the meaning of this?

And what is Shake? idk if I spell it correctly but please tell me what it means =]

They are the same. You misspelled it. Elegant means very modern and stylish. One more beautiful click.

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The meaning of adjective

Form: Luxury minus Luxury minus Luxury.

Thank you.

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Some people find it very elegant to step out from under a jacket.

A recent graduate, he misses the opportunity to work for Yves Saint Laurent when he meets a very beautiful woman on a visit to a textile company.

Sheek Meaning

Sheek Meaning

Shake is not a word. Chic is an ounce shake.

It only means modern, feminine, etc.

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LOL, I think it's a piece of chic grass. I thought it was a Jaguar like a girl.

That's it. Chic is not a girl, it's like a shake.

It just means stylish or modern, the clothes are really tight. Your clothes are very luxurious. The clothes are amazing. It's all the same thing.

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Sheek Meaning