Sharp Microwave Bulb Replacement

Sharp Microwave Bulb Replacement

w Do I need to replace the Sharp Carousel microwave lamp? 3

I have a sharp carousel microwave, not too old but not new, maybe over 56 years old? However, the balloon came out and I had to change it. Can someone tell me where I can get an alternative microwave and what are the options to replace it? I don't see any instant lids or hatches or anything that uses light bulbs, do I have to disassemble everything to replace the bulb?


Build and model the Sharp Carousel R350F and it does not appear in the spare parts database. Could it be that this model has never been sold in the United States?

You can go here and enter your model number to find the lamp.

Sharp microwave carousel

I just fixed the 1999 Sharp Carousel microwave lamp and left the factory with the Halfden lamp! Works with light bulbs. Not much ... fast, right?

Accurate reviewer: There is no way to access the lamp without removing the cane. Two of the six pens are tarks with a star-shaped well.

At least mechanical SS is enough. You do not have to pay the mechanic.

Of course, first unplug the device from its socket. And when the duck is gone, don't sniff it.

Other Internet sources say that a microwave oven can hold energy for a long time and put pressure on it even if it is not plugged. (Haven't tried it yet!)

Some models may be different.

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Sharp Microwave Bulb Replacement

Sharp Microwave Bulb Replacement

You cannot replace the light bulb. To replace the lamp you will need to take it to an authorized Sharp Service Center. You, folks, I'm only 17 months old and the lights are off.

This must be stated in the user's manual, if you have not received the 800 technical support numbers online, they can assist you.

Sharp Microwave Bulb Replacement