Shark: What is the Meaning of Shark?

An unscrupulous businessman who deceives and defrauds others.

Meanings of Shark

  1. Dominant marine fish with long body and cartilage skeleton, prominent dorsal fin and tooth-shaped scales. Most sharks are predators, although they feed primarily on plankton and can grow to some large sizes.

  2. A small freshwater fish from Southeast Asia with a shark-like tail, popular in aquariums.

  3. A gray-brown European butterfly, with a light silver-backed male.

  4. (Usually a man in social gatherings) actively looking for sexual partners.

  5. Someone who brutally exploits or deceives another person.

  6. Specialist in a particular field.

Sentences of Shark

  1. Once he got there, he made a shark among the women.

  2. Real estate wants to build 80 hectares around the shark site.

  3. Pond shark