Shared Benefit Endorsement

Shared Benefit Endorsement,

What is The Definition of Shared Benefit Endorsement?

Long-term care insurance provisions that allow spouses to share benefits.

Literal Meanings of Shared Benefit Endorsement


Meanings of Shared:
  1. Divided into group members.


Meanings of Benefit:
  1. Benefit or benefit comes from something.

  2. Payments or gifts from owners, governments or insurance companies.

  3. Public performances or other entertainment whose proceeds are donated to some charitable cause.

  4. Get performance benefits.

Sentences of Benefit
  1. Benefits of social assistance

  2. Frematization marks the newcomers to the season with dancing and profit discounts

Synonyms of Benefit

convenience, profit, state benefit, welfare, public assistance allowance, well-being, benefit payments, pension, unemployment benefit, reap benefits, sick pay, government benefit, make money, satisfaction, social security, social security payments, reap financial reward, gain, good, advantage, interest, enjoyment, ease, insurance money, comfort


Meanings of Endorsement:
  1. An act of public approval or support of something or something.

  2. A clause in an insurance policy that includes exclusion or change in coverage

  3. Check or money order confirmation

Sentences of Endorsement
  1. The question of complete independence was well received.

  2. Obtain additional insurance proofs and insurance certificates from the independent contractor running the program or see their facility on your own.

Synonyms of Endorsement

agreement, support, championship, backing, seal of approval, approval, recommendation, advocacy, patronage, acceptance