Definition of Share:

  1. An entity unit that represents the equivalent share of the company's capital. This gives the owner (shareholders) the same rights over the company's profits and the same liability for the company's debts and losses.

    (2) Preferred shares (preferential shares) which are entitled to income securities (interest) from time to time, but generally do not give the right to vote. See also tent.

  2. One of the shares in which the company's capital is divided and which is entitled to share in the profits.

  3. For example, when published or republished on a certain website or social networking application.

  4. Share (something) with others or with others.

  5. Some or all of a large amount of money is shared between many people or with the cooperation of many people.

Synonyms of Share

Be moved, Block, Carve up, Broadcast, Split, Bigger half, Equity, Be involved, Measure, Be partners in, Holding, Allocate, Quotum, Quantum, Go halvers, Split up, Part, Sector, Tell, Cooperate, Slice up, Apportion, Measure, Proportion, Particular, Empathize with, Quadrant, Helping, Stock, Detachment, Stake, Appropriation, Go halves, Quota, Partition, Care about, Segment, Split the difference, Share with, Catch the flame, Color with emotion, Carve, Divvy, Experience, Round lot, Deal, Allowance, Dividend, Change color, Participate, Leave word, Cut up, Go halves in, Identify with, Dole, Division, Due, Prorate, Sampling, Slice the pie, Detail, Allowance, Give word, Transmit, Stockholdings, Divide, Meed, Dispense, Make known, Due, Holdings, Quotient, Random sample, Destiny, Be inspired, Parcel, Send word, Allotment, Allotment, Sympathize with, Equal share, Portion, Half, Allocation, Go halves with, Transfer, Allocation, Stockholding, Dispensation, Bit, Component, Appropriate, Section, Full lot, Cross section, Go fifty-fifty, Odd lot, Small share, Divide into shares, Remainder, Contingent, Lot, Fraction, Modicum, Send, Pay out, Sample, React, Bit, Chunk, Part, Slice, Mete out, Moiety, Lot, Quota, Split, Give, Pass, Mess, Quarter, Get across, Relate to emotionally, Subspecies, Go shares, Shift, Ration, Deal out, Bite, Cut, Go even stephen, Partake, End, Apportionment, Fate, Commission, Divvy up with, Dole out, Subgroup, Preference share, Pass on, Claim, Impart, Respond, Echo, Share out, Big end, Share in, Halve, Ration, Item, Disseminate, Allot, Divide up, Convey, Dig, Get over, Render, Signal, Subdivision, Portion, Even lot, Fractional lot, Budget, Give out, Adjunct, Catch the infection, Hand on, Divvy up, Percentage, Interest, Piece, Be affected, Rake-off, Communicate, Halver, Pass along, Divide, Board lot, Serving, Dummy share, Be in tune, Installment, Assign, Divide with, Report, Division

How to use Share in a sentence?

  1. In early childhood, children learn through similarities and it is important to model how to share so that they can work well with others.
  2. Based on this proposal, investors will pay a higher proportion of the required annual fee.
  3. She shares the cake with him.
  4. My girlfriend and I are together and that means we all share our life experiences.
  5. He bought 33 shares of American Standard.
  6. In light of the tragic death of Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. saved 17% on the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+.
  7. By 7:30 p.m., he had received 25,000 likes on Twitter and 117 likes on Facebook.

Meaning of Share & Share Definition