What is The Definition of Shadow?

  • The definition of Shadow is: When you are doing your job, be with someone at work so that you know everything.

Meanings of Shadow

  1. Dark areas or shapes produced by objects between light and surface rays.

  2. It is used for closeness, distressing oppression or grief and depression.

  3. An integral companion or partner.

  4. Shadow shortcut

  5. The envelope in the shadow casts a shadow.

  6. Follow and observe (someone) carefully and quietly.

Sentences of Shadow

  1. Trees cast long shadows

  2. The shadow of war spread to Europe

  3. His loyal shadow, the Yorkshire Terrier named Hart Cliff

  4. Expansion and thickening, transparent lip gloss and shading masks usually remove the cheeks.

  5. The market was in the shadow of St. Margaret's Church

  6. I watched the hunting team all night

Synonyms of Shadow

shape, keep watch on, outline, Siamese twin, shade, contour, silhouette, pall, inseparable companion, cast a shadow over, second self, cloud, block off the light to, alter ego, profile, track, constant companion, follow, black cloud, trail, envelop in shadow, dog someone's footsteps, overshadow

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How To Define Shadow?

Shadow can be defined as, Stay with someone at work while they do their work so you can learn everything.

Meanings of Shadow

  1. A dark area or shape that is sandwiched between the body's ray of light and the surface.

  2. Used for closeness, danger of oppression or pain and sadness.

  3. Necessary or companion

  4. Abbreviation for eye shadow.

  5. Joins the shadow that casts the shadow.

  6. Follow and observe (someone) closely and secretly.

Sentences of Shadow

  1. The shadow of war fell on Europe.

  2. A faithful portrayal of him, a Yorkshire terrorist named Heath Cliff.

  3. The market is in the shadow of St. Margaret's Church.

Synonyms of Shadow

pursue, penumbra, stalk, ■■■■■ friend, keep tabs on, darken, blight, close friend, threat, fidus Achates, intimate, keep a tab on, hunt, tail, gloominess, dim, gloom, ■■■■■ pal, umbra


What is Shadow?

Shadow can be defined as, Stay with someone at work while they are doing their job so you can learn everything.

Meanings of Shadow

  1. An area or dark shape formed by a sandwich body between a ray of light and a surface.

  2. Necessary companion or partner.

  3. Wraps up the shadows that cast shadows.

Sentences of Shadow

  1. The shadows of war overshadowed Europe.

  2. A faithful reflection of this is the Yorkshire Terrier named Heathcliff

Synonyms of Shadow

■■■■■ pal, ■■■■■ friend