Sex Discrimination Act

Sex Discrimination Act,

Definition of Sex Discrimination Act:

The definition of Sex Discrimination Act is: In the UK, laws passed by Parliament in 1975, especially those related to employment in the workplace, prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender.

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Meanings of Sex:
  1. Explain the gender of

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  1. Cock sex

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Synonyms of Sex

sexual intercourse, gender, lovemaking, making love, sexual relations, intercourse, sex act


Meanings of Discrimination:
  1. Treating different types of people unfairly or negatively, including on the basis of race, age, gender or disability.

  2. Recognize and understand the difference between one thing and another.

  3. With a discriminator who rejects unwanted gestures, choose a signal that has the necessary characteristics, such as frequency or amplitude.

Sentences of Discrimination
  1. Victims of racial discrimination

  2. The difference between good and bad

  3. The advantages of this technique over traditional single photon fluorescence are better low signal strength and better differentiation with low light energy.

Synonyms of Discrimination

distinction, prejudice, partisanship, bias, one-sidedness, bigotry, intolerance, telling the difference, differentiation, favouritism, inequity, narrow-mindedness, unfairness


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  7. A written order from Congress or another legislature affects legislation.

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  9. American College Test.

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Synonyms of Act

Act of Parliament, facade, pose, masquerade, condition, operation, have an impact on, move, guise, bill, stipulation, exert influence on, function, ruling, action, performance, take the initiative, enactment, take measures, statute, be one of the cast, modify, transform, measure, exploit