Definition of Severance:

  1. Cutting short of an employment contract.

  2. Separating the offending part(s) of a void contract or voidable contract and discarding them to save the remaining contract from total invalidity. See also severance of contract.

  3. The action of ending a connection or relationship.

Synonyms of Severance

Abscission, Alteration, Amputation, Analysis, Anatomization, Atomization, Butchering, Change, Chopping, Clearance, Cleavage, Cutting, Demarcation, Deportation, Desynonymization, Detachment, Dichotomy, Differencing, Differentiation, Discard, Discrimination, Disequalization, Disjunction, Disposal, Disposition, Distinction, Distinguishment, Diversification, Division, Ejection, Elimination, Enucleation, Eradication, Excision, Exile, Expatriation, Expulsion, Fission, Individualization, Individuation, Laceration, Liquidation, Modification, Mutilation, Ostracism, Outlawing, Outlawry, Particularization, Personalization, Purge, Removal, Rending, Resection, Riddance, Ripping, Scission, Section, Segregation, Separation, Severalization, Slashing, Slicing, Specialization, Splitting, Surgery, Suspension, Tearing, Variation, Withdrawal

How to use Severance in a sentence?

  1. The severance and disestablishment of the Irish Church.
  2. Knowing that you will get a good severance package if you are fired or laid off allows you to sleep a little easier at night.
  3. I was going to leave the company, but I wanted to know f I would receive any severance pay, which would be great for me.
  4. Offering someone who has done quality work for your company a severance package if you must lay them off is the right thing to do.

Meaning of Severance & Severance Definition