Definition of Several:

  1. Separate or respective.

  2. Different, distinct, or separate, but not necessarily independent.

  3. More than two but not many.

Synonyms of Several

A certain number, A few, A number, Absolute, Assorted, At odds, At variance, Certain, Concrete, Considerable, Contrary, Contrasted, Contrasting, Defined, Definite, Departing, Detailed, Determinate, Deviating, Deviative, Different, Differentiated, Differing, Disaccordant, Disagreeing, Discordant, Discrepant, Discrete, Discriminated, Disjoined, Disparate, Dissimilar, Dissonant, Distinct, Distinguished, Distributional, Distributive, Divergent, Diverging, Divers, Diverse, Diversified, Equal, Esoteric, Especial, Even stephen, Exceptional, Express, Extraordinary, Few, Fifty-fifty, Fixed, Half, Half-and-half, Halvers, Heterogeneous, In disagreement, Inaccordant, Incompatible, Incongruous, Inconsistent, Inconsonant, Independent, Individual, Inharmonious, Inner, Intimate, Irreconcilable, Legion, Many, Many and various, Minute, More, Motley, Multifarious, Multitudinal, Multitudinous, Nonuniqueness, Not a few, Noteworthy, Numerous, Numerousness, Of all sorts, One or two, Parcel, Particular, Passel, Per capita, Per head, Personal, Pluralism, Plurality, Pluralness, Poles apart, Poles asunder, Populous, Precise, Private, Pro rata, Proportional, Proportionate, Prorated, Respective, Separate, Separated, Single, Singular, Solipsistic, Some, Special, Specific, Sundry, Two or three, Umpteen, Unconformable, Unequal, Unlike, Upwards of, Variant, Varied, Variegated, Variety, Various, Varying, Voluminous, Widely apart, Worlds apart, Some, A number of, A few, Not very many, A handful of, A small group of, Various, A variety of, Assorted, Sundry, Diverse, Respective, Individual, Own, Particular, Specific

How to use Several in a sentence?

  1. The author of several books.

Meaning of Several & Several Definition