Definition of Several:

  1. Separate or respective.

  2. Different, distinct, or separate, but not necessarily independent.

  3. More than two but not many.

Synonyms of Several

A certain number, A few, A number, Absolute, Assorted, At odds, At variance, Certain, Concrete, Considerable, Contrary, Contrasted, Contrasting, Defined, Definite, Departing, Detailed, Determinate, Deviating, Deviative, Different, Differentiated, Differing, Disaccordant, Disagreeing, Discordant, Discrepant, Discrete, Discriminated, Disjoined, Disparate, Dissimilar, Dissonant, Distinct, Distinguished, Distributional, Distributive, Divergent, Diverging, Divers, Diverse, Diversified, Equal, Esoteric, Especial, Even stephen, Exceptional, Express, Extraordinary, Few, Fifty-fifty, Fixed, Half, Half-and-half, Halvers, Heterogeneous, In disagreement, Inaccordant, Incompatible, Incongruous, Inconsistent, Inconsonant, Independent, Individual, Inharmonious, Inner, Intimate, Irreconcilable, Legion, Many, Many and various, Minute, More, Motley, Multifarious, Multitudinal, Multitudinous, Nonuniqueness, Not a few, Noteworthy, Numerous, Numerousness, Of all sorts, One or two, Parcel, Particular, Passel, Per capita, Per head, Personal, Pluralism, Plurality, Pluralness, Poles apart, Poles asunder, Populous, Precise, Private, Pro rata, Proportional, Proportionate, Prorated, Respective, Separate, Separated, Single, Singular, Solipsistic, Some, Special, Specific, Sundry, Two or three, Umpteen, Unconformable, Unequal, Unlike, Upwards of, Variant, Varied, Variegated, Variety, Various, Varying, Voluminous, Widely apart, Worlds apart, Some, A number of, A few, Not very many, A handful of, A small group of, Various, A variety of, Assorted, Sundry, Diverse, Respective, Individual, Own, Particular, Specific

How to use Several in a sentence?

  1. The author of several books.

Meaning of Several & Several Definition

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Perfect tense
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Spanish 2
I don t know who i am
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Chlorous acid
Kali and shiva
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Level 6 Hair Color
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Are potato chips gluten free
How Much Is A Small Tattoo
How to grow strawberries from seeds
There and their difference
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Legal size envelope
How did america win the revolutionary war
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Homosapien definition
How much do chemical engineers make
Can you upgrade a laptop
Intestinal bacterial infection
How to care for a new tattoo
Classification of rocks
Lightweight drinker
How Long Do Roses Last
Insight therapy
A long walk to water summary
Distribution channel definition
Proper way to hang a flag
What is viscosity
How long is a phd program
Autopilot meaning
Statement of changes in equity
The tempest summary
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How many gallons of propane in a 100 lb tank
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Dialing to mexico
Bathtub Reglazing Cost
Free energy
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Pro Forma Balance Sheet
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Persons or people
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How much do vet techs make
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Foley Catheter Irrigation
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Memory palace
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Tolling agreement
Design consultant
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Grid computing
Car front seat
Green tea with milk
Gas shortage east coast
Best collagen protein powder
How to sleep after wisdom teeth removal
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How much are ferrets at petco
Luke 10:18 explained
Can Chiropractors Write Prescriptions
When are kittens weaned
Is or are
Phlegm after eating
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What credit score do you need to rent an apartment
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Double pane glass
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Long term loans
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Step-Up In Basis
Do banks have notaries
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Disney plus not working
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Top 10 most popular gift cards
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Silicon shortage
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Paint ceiling or walls first
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Why Are Maserati Oil Changes So Expensive
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Navy firefighter
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Lee And Tiffany
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Is rice good for weight loss
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Spotify business
How Much Do Commercial Pilots Make
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What to read next
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Fit pregnancy
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North beach
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Prevent stretch marks
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Texas sage bush
Virtual dermatologist
What is essay writing?
Bruised toe
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What is gerontology
Zofran mechanism of action
Soccer field dimensions
Complement immune system
Ethical issues in business
Is 25mg of zoloft enough for anxiety
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Boolean data type
Ensure For Kids
Car in french
Atomic structure
Ballet leap
Mixed receptive expressive language disorder
Growing mint in pots
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How to get super glue out of clothes
Baruch college ranking
What is beat in music
Environmental geology
How to start a foundation
Types of corporations
Break the glass
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Hexagonal crystal system
How many years is life in prison
Different types of law
How to get rid of whiteflies
Vivaldi 4 seasons
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Green obsidian
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Types of business organization
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How to acidify soil
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Startup season 2
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Bleaching hair at home
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Guitar names
Lowes Water Heater Installation Cost
Quantum superposition
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How long does it take for carpet to dry
Facetime online
Pet owl
What causes earthquakes
Stocks and taxes
Dust motes
Favorites contacts
Sales process steps
What is pdt time
How to convert png to jpg
Can i shop at costco without a membership
When is the brain fully developed
How to become a surgeon
Swf file player
Where is Patagonia?
How many years to be a dentist
How To Remove Permanent Hair Dye Naturally
Restring acoustic guitar
Types of heritage
Tub sealer
When is a dog no longer a puppy
How to get rid of fleas in the house forever
Driveway stain
How to send long videos on iphone
Lose 2 pounds a week
However punctuation
Swift number
How long does a furnace last
How to install windows on mac
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Hover board
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Delete badoo account
Best car insurance in ny
Is gap insurance worth it?
How do you scan a code
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Rick and morty season 4 episode 1
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Best expense tracker app
Best first time home buyer loans
How to send message
Marine pay scale
How to get rid of rats outside
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What state has the lowest property taxes
Log identities
How to transfer photos from iphone to mac
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Not renewing lease letter
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Windows 10 for dummies
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Transfer photos from android to pc
Secured vs unsecured credit card
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Places to have a wedding
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Juice cleanse diet
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