Several liability

Several liability,

Definition of Several liability:

  1. Liability which, in contrast to a joint liability, is distinct and separate from the liability of others. In case of a dispute, a plaintiff may start legal proceeding only against a particular defendant, without involving (joining) other party or parties. See also joint and several liability.

How to use Several liability in a sentence?

  1. Several liability allows me to seek recovery individually from any of the parties responsible for an action irrespective of responsibility by multiple parties.
  2. The particularly large reptile had several liability for the dead babies, for which it would lose its tail, its skin, and eventually its head.
  3. You need to always be sure that you are doing things within t he several liability so that you dont take on to much.

Meaning of Several liability & Several liability Definition

Several Liability,

Several Liability Definition:

  1. Several Liability definition is: Responsibilities that can be assigned separately to the people in charge or in charge vary, but are generally related to discipline.

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Meanings of Several:
  1. More than two, but not many.

  2. Separately or accordingly.

Sentences of Several
  1. Author of several books

Synonyms of Several

respective, sundry, a small group of, some, a handful of, a variety of, not very many, specific, a number of, a few, assorted, individual, own, particular, various, diverse


Meanings of Liability:
  1. The person or object whose presence or conduct causes embarrassment or harm.

Sentences of Liability
  1. Of partners they l. There are countless responsibilities they take on

Synonyms of Liability

responsibility, inconvenience, hindrance, answerability, handicap, encumbrance, burden, legal responsibility, nuisance, accountability