Definition of Settlement:

  1. Subsidence of the ground or a structure built on it.

  2. An official agreement intended to resolve a dispute or conflict.

  3. A place, typically one that has hitherto been uninhabited, where people establish a community.

  4. Real estate: Conveyance of a property to its purchaser and (in case of a mortgage) recording of the lenders lien.

  5. The action or process of settling an account.

  6. An arrangement whereby property passes to a succession of people as dictated by the settlor.

  7. Negotiations: Agreement reached between two or more contending parties.

  8. Law: (1) Conclusion of an agreement under which a party (called the obligor) fulfills its promise to another party (called the obligee). (2) Conveyance of a property (or the settlors interest in it) to provide for the trusts one or more beneficiaries. (3) Winding up and final distribution of a deceaseds estate.

  9. Securities: Delivery of a security by a seller to a buyer on or before the settlement date (typically, 3 business days after the trading date).

  10. Selling: Conclusion of a transaction where what was bought is delivered to the buyer, and payment for which is made to the seller.

Synonyms of Settlement

Payment, Discharge, Defrayal, Liquidation, Settling, Settling up, Clearance, Clearing, Satisfaction, Community, Colony, Outpost, Encampment, Abalienation, Abatement of differences, Absolute indication, Absolute interest, Accommodation, Acquitment, Acquittal, Acquittance, Adjustment, Affirmation, Agreement, Alienation, Ally, Amortization, Amortizement, Anchorage, Appanage, Arbitration, Archduchy, Archdukedom, Arrangement, Ashram, Assignation, Assignment, Bargain, Bargain and sale, Barter, Benefit, Bequeathal, Binder, Body, Body politic, Buffer state, Burden of proof, Camp, Captive nation, Cash, Cash payment, Caste, Cession, Chieftaincy, Chieftainry, Choice, City-state, Claim, Clan, Class, Clearance, Clearing, Closing, Colonization, Colony, Common, Commonweal, Commonwealth, Commune, Community, Composition, Composition of differences, Compromise, Concession, Conclusion, Conclusive evidence, Conferment, Conferral, Confirmation, Consignation, Consignment, Contingent interest, Conveyance, Conveyancing, Cop-out, Country, County, Damning evidence, Deal, Debt service, Deciding, Decision, Deeding, Defrayal, Defrayment, Deliverance, Delivery, Demise, Demonstration, Deposit, Desertion of principle, Determination, Disbursal, Discharge, Disposal, Disposition, Doling out, Domain, Dominion, Dot, Dower, Down payment, Dowry, Duchy, Dukedom, Earldom, Earnest, Earnest money, Easement, Economic class, Elimination, Empeoplement, Empery, Empire, Encampment, Endogamous group, Endowment, Enfeoffment, Equitable interest, Equity, Establishment, Estate, Evasion of responsibility, Exchange, Extended family, Family, Fixation, Foundation, Free city, Gens, Give-and-take, Giving, Giving way, Grand duchy, Hamlet, Hire purchase, Hire purchase plan, Holding, Inauguration, Incontrovertible evidence, Indisputable evidence, Inhabitancy, Inhabitation, Inhabiting, Initiation, Installation, Installment, Installment plan, Interest, Interest payment, Investiture, Investment, Ironclad proof, Jointure, Kingdom, Kinship group, Land, Lease and release, Legal jointure, Limitation, Liquidation, Lodgment, Mandant, Mandate, Mandated territory, Mandatee, Mandatory, Marriage portion, Moiety, Monthly payments, Mooring, Mutual concession, Nation, Nationality, Never-never, Nuclear family, Occupancy, Occupation, Onus, Onus probandi, Order, Outpost, Part, Paying, Paying off, Paying out, Paying up, Payment, Payment in kind, Payoff, Peoplement, Peopling, Percentage, Phratria, Phratry, Phyle, Plantation, Polis, Polity, Population, Portion, Possession, Post, Power, Prepayment, Principality, Principate, Proof, Protectorate, Province, Puppet government, Puppet regime, Quarterly payments, Quietus, Quittance, Rapprochement, Realm, Reconciliation, Regular payments, Remittance, Republic, Residence, Resolution, Retirement, Right, Right of entry, Sale, Satellite, Satisfaction, Sealing, Selection, Seneschalty, Setting, Settling, Showdown, Signature, Signing, Sinking-fund payment, Social class, Society, Solemnization, Sovereign nation, Spot cash, Stabilization, Stake, State, Strict settlement, Subcaste, Sultanate, Superpower, Sure sign, Surrender, Terms, Territory, Thirds, Title, Toparchia, Toparchy, Totem, Trading, Transfer, Transference, Transmission, Transmittal, Trust, Understanding, Unmistakable sign, Use, Vested interest, Vesting, Village, Weekly payments, Working-out, Yielding, Agreement, Deal, Arrangement, Resolution, Accommodation, Bargain, Understanding, Pact

How to use Settlement in a sentence?

  1. The little settlement of Buttermere.
  2. Most suppliers will offer early settlement discounts.
  3. Inheritance tax could be due if you make a substantial gift or settlement and then die within the following seven years.
  4. We agreed on a settlement amount. There was a necessary debate about the exact amount needed to make him whole again.
  5. Unions succeeded in reaching a pay settlement.
  6. A boundary wall, which has cracked due to settlement, is to be replaced.
  7. In a legal case if you dont want to be involved in a long drawn out trial it may be better to just reach a settlement .
  8. They reaches a settlement outside of court, so they would not have t deal with the long and arduous process of the courts.

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What is The Definition of Settlement?

The definition of Settlement is: Insurance agreements refer to the payment of insurance benefits or losses. This amount depends on each claim, the guidelines established in the insurance policy and the mutual agreement of the parties.

The insured is willing to pay the amount in case of a claim.

An agreement in which the parties receive a lump sum as compensation for loss or damage.

Formal agreement to resolve disputes between several parties.

Definition of Settlement: There are usually benefits to insurance or payment claims. This refers to the amount and form of payment that refers to the insurance agreement between the two parties.

The process of paying a life insurance policy claim or distributing assets annually.

Upon maturity, the insurer must pay a fixed amount in regular and fixed installments. This is a payment that replaces the global amount and the insurer is notified in advance.

When the insurer pays for the loss.

Meanings of Settlement

  1. Once an uninhabited place where a community meets.

  2. An agreement in which the property is transferred to private ownership in a settlement agreement.

  3. The process or process of setting up an account.

  4. Minimize the property or structure built on it.

Sentences of Settlement

  1. The union reached a wage agreement

  2. Small town butterere

  3. If you make significant contributions or payments and die within the next seven years, you may have to pay inheritance tax.

  4. Most providers offer prepaid discounts

  5. Cracked residential walls need to be replaced

Synonyms of Settlement

compensation , remuneration , establishment , payoff , disposition , compact , covenant , deal , satisfaction , resolution , defrayal , confirmation , trade-off , happy medium , liquidation , arrangement , agreement , termination , contract , discharge , completion , conclusion , working out , clearance , pay


Definition of Settlement:

There are usually benefits to insurance or payment claims. This includes an agreement between the two parties to make an insurance agreement on the amount and method of payment.

Definition of Settlement: The amount paid by your insurer in case of a claim.

Definition of Settlement:

See the benefits.

The definition of Settlement is: Agreement between the claiming parties.

Synonyms of Settlement

adjustment , determination , showdown , reimbursement , quietus


What is The Meaning of Settlement?

In the context of insurance, a contract is about closing a policy or paying a claim. The amount depends on each claim, the guidelines set out in the insurance policy and the mutual agreement of the parties involved.

The amount the insurer is willing to pay if successful.

The process of paying a life insurance policy claim or distributing it annually.

The definition of Settlement is: Amount to be paid to the insured in regular installments up to the default amount. It replaces the fixed rate and the insured is notified in advance.

When the insurer pays the loss.

A simple definition of Settlement is: Usually the payment of insurance benefits or claims. This means that the insurance contract between the two parties is about the amount of the contract and the payment of the dues.

Agreement between the parties to the claim.

Meanings of Settlement

  1. A formal agreement to settle a dispute or dispute.

  2. A place, usually the first uninhabited place, where people get community.

  3. An agreement in which the property is transferred to private property in agreement with the colony.

  4. Landslides or constructions on it.

Sentences of Settlement

  1. The union agreed to a wage agreement.

  2. Inheritance tax is payable if you make a significant contribution or pay and die within the next seven years.

  3. It is necessary to replace the walls of the cabinet with cracks in the seating.

Synonyms of Settlement

reckoning, kainga, trading post, terramare, pueblo, rancheria, kibbutz, werf


Definition of Settlement:

  • Settlement definition is: The amount the insurer is willing to pay when the claim is accepted.

  • A simple definition of Settlement is: When the insurer pays the claim.

Meanings of Settlement

  1. A place, usually a previously uninhabited place, where people find community.

  2. An agreement in which the property is transferred to private ownership in agreement with the colonist.

  3. The collapse of land or structures built on it.

Sentences of Settlement

  1. It is necessary to replace the walls of the cabinet which are broken due to seating.


What is The Meaning of Settlement?

  • You can define Settlement as, Usually the payment of insurance benefits or claims. This means an agreement between the two parties on the amount of payments and the insurance agreement regarding the payment.