Settlement Lag

Settlement Lag,

Settlement Lag:

Settlement Lag definition is: The time interval between the first report of the complaint and the date of its final resolution.

The time between the first complaint and the date on which the complaint was closed (full compensation)

Literal Meanings of Settlement Lag


Meanings of Settlement:
  1. Usually still uninhabited place and where people form communities.

  2. An agreement under which property resettles the private population determined by resettlement.

  3. The process or process of settling accounts.

Sentences of Settlement
  1. The union reached a wage agreement

  2. The small town of Buttermere

  3. Inheritance tax is payable if you make a significant contribution or contract and die within the next seven years.

  4. Most providers offer prepaid discounts

  5. It is necessary to replace the boundary walls with sediment

Synonyms of Settlement

outpost, arrangement, accommodation, community, liquidation, settling up, pact, deal, payment, encampment, understanding, bargain, resolution, satisfaction, defrayal, clearing, clearance, settling, agreement, colony, discharge


Meanings of Lag:
  1. Delay movement, progress or development and don't be with other people or other people.

  2. Determine the order of the game by hitting the bouncing white ball on the upper roll. The first shot hits the player whose ball is near the bottom.

  3. The period of time between an event or phenomena and other events.

  4. Delay in current or power movement.

  5. Seal or cover (boiler, pipe, etc.) with thermal insulation material.

  6. Non-conductive thermal cover for boilers, pipes, etc.

  7. Those who have been convicted and arrested several times.

  8. Arrest or jail.

Sentences of Lag
  1. They stop to wait for one of the boys to be late

  2. There is a difference between committing a crime and reporting it to the police

  3. Insulated hot water tank

Synonyms of Lag

linger, dally, dawdle, trail, take one's time, trail behind, idle, saunter, not keep pace, hang back, straggle, delay, fall back, move slowly, fall behind, dither, drag one's feet, loiter, bring up the rear