Definition of Settle:

  1. Solution or agreement (argument or problem).

  2. Sit or relax in a relaxed position.

  3. Adopt a more stable or secure lifestyle, especially at work and at home.

  4. To complete the transaction, cancel the obligations, fulfill the obligations, enter into agreements or repay the loan.

  5. Pay (loan or bill)

Synonyms of Settle

Unhorse, Clarify, Lay, Make peace, Smooth over, Outshine, Yield, Evade responsibility, Pay off, Stick, Affirm, Patch up, Chart, Transfer, Conclude, KO, Demonstrate, Decide, Resolve, Straighten, Squat, Sort out, Skin alive, Alight upon, Pack, Rectify, Meet, Whip, Plant, Argue down, Plump oneself, Pass on, Settle down, Will, Shut up, Demolish, Defray, Fix, Settle in, Trim, Cinch, Adjust, Set in, Infix, Correct, Tranquilize, Find, Negotiate, Worst, Slump down, Demise, Take care of, Give the business, Inscribe, Burrow, Rule, Come down, Iron out, Fix up, Move, Park, Plop, Etch, Scuttle, Settle the matter, Fit, Classify, Satisfy, Place, Bring together, Order, Square, Surrender, Adapt to, Impact, Crush, Take up residence, Ensure, Square accounts, Lower, Make up, Make over, Chime in with, Perch, Make a deal, Put to silence, Appoint, Ensconce oneself, Relocate, Beat all hollow, Outpoint, Clinch, Drop on, Upset, Alienate, Pay, Regularize, Quiet, Prove to be, Stand, Correspond, Settle differences, Plump, Straighten out, Put to rights, Set down, Exchange, Incline, Give it to, Blast, Outrun, Comply, Decline, Get at, Concert, Rub out, Thrash, Becalm, Polish off, Wind up, Devolve upon, Bring to terms, Stay, Amortize, Dismiss, Sink down, Consign, Attend to, Settle up, Deny, Alight, Beat, Come down on, Touch down, Assign, Silence, Controvert, Seat oneself, Rationalize, Wipe out, Hand on, Shoot down, Install oneself, Meet halfway, Lift, Harmonize, Sit down, Make accounts square, Afford proof of, Synchronize, Hold good, Do in, Found, Dismount, Hors de combat, Hive, Beat hollow, Abalienate, Quieten, Flump down, Organize, Confute, Accommodate with, Strike a bargain, Lead, Work out, Suit, Deliver, Sit, Pay, Nest, Be guided by, Empeople, Root, Flop down, Strike upon, Solve, Refute, Calm, Stereotype, Trade, Strike a balance, Bring to an end, Pass over, Torpedo, Close, Quit, Codify, Confirm, Triumph over, Pay the shot, Put right, Mediate, Off, Normalize, Deed, Pay out, Stay at, Convey, Founder, Cook, Camp, Outclass, Follow from, Compound, Take residence at, Denizen, Imprint, Bequeath, Rub off corners, Drop, Purpose, Lapse, Find out, Reassure, Comply with, Embed, Hit upon, Lambaste, Agree on, Arrange matters, Plunge, Nose-dive, Transmit, Put, Sell, Pay up, Conform, Balance, Nonplus, Remove all doubt, Locate, Reduce to silence, Tally with, Subside, Pass, Outsail, Determine, Make an adjustment, Bump off, Define, Sag, Bivouac, Take up, Floor, Figure, Reach a compromise, Pick, Gear to, Point, Lather, Dispose, Adapt, Do for, Outgeneral, Slump, Lull, Bend, See that, Play politics, Fall on, Hide, Certify, Engrave, Flop, Cop out, Clear off, Standardize, Live at, Put down, Make concessions, Lean, Remain, Drub, Defeat, Systematize, Relax, Reconcile, Abide, Contradict, Outmaneuver, Go down, Clear, Sign over, Accord, Tune, Find an answer to, Arrange, Heal the breach, Nail down, Lodge, Moor, Take the mean, Entrench, Erase, Dispose of, Skin, Smooth it over, Set right, Routinize, Settle with, Make no doubt, Waste, Install, Compose, Outdo, Deep-dye, Roost, Compromise, Set at rest, Dive, Finish, Ice, Give, Gravitate, Subvert, Show, Light upon, Sit down, Duck responsibility, People, Anchor, Go by, Plop down, Destroy, Discharge, Ensconce, Bring home to, Clear, Give way, Implant, Flump, Restore harmony, Retire, Croak, Get off, Set up housekeeping, Pioneer, Rectify, Make sure of, Pay in full, Light, Discharge, Dish, Methodize, Droop, Descend upon, Engraft, Set to rights, Redeem, Best, Put in tune, Adjust to, Prove, Give and take, Square, Soothe, Insure, Come to anchor, Live, Seat, Stamp, Deed over, Flump, Get, Patch things up, Reconcile, Plant oneself, Clean up, Coordinate, Hand over, See to it, Ground, Plan, Make conform, Straighten out, Lay out, Hand, Go fifty-fifty, Dwell, Find a solution to, Quiet down, Squash, Gun down, Dismiss all doubt, Choose, Make good, Pay the bill, Lick, Reach an agreement about, Calm down, Billet at, Blot out, Lose altitude, Barter, Bed, Clear up, Reside, Sink, Ascertain, Rebut, Impress, Establish, Trounce, Close with, Make certain, Overthrow, Inhabit, Tend, Parry, Sort out, Populate, Allay, Set, Fall, Cave, Sign away, Fall in with, Select, Honor, Deal with, Zap, Tend to go, Serve one out, Wedge, Reunite, Settle on, Strike root, Drop anchor, Enfeoff, Descend, Colonize, Tune up, Outfight, Hit, Knock out, Cede, Squelch, Get down, Fix, Overwhelm, Make out, Slouch, Confound, Set up shop, Work out, Remedy, Clear up, Ingrain, Assimilate to, Land, Regulate, Hold water, Resolve, Submerge, Ruin, Print, Observe, Undo, Answer conclusively, Make sure, Domesticate, Shape, Alien, Still, Precipitate, Head, Mold, Turn over, Settle the score, Seal, Give title to, Fix on, Make a decision, Discipline, Accommodate, Split the difference, Have a case, Follow, Agree with, Establish residence, Make no mistake, Undermine, Liquidate, Take root, Smash all opposition, Answer, Pay in full, Assure, Hand down, Overturn, Cave in, Swag, Confer, Prove true, Take a resolution, Climb down, Satisfy, Keep house, Jam, Liquidate

How to use Settle in a sentence?

  1. Every effort was made to resolve the dispute.
  2. Your account is paid for by credit card.
  3. He sat down on the armchair.
  4. One day I will settle down and have a family.

Meaning of Settle & Settle Definition

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