Definition of Set:

  1. Put or bring into a specified state.

  2. (of a tide or current) take or have a specified direction or course.

  3. Any collection of distinct entities or elements.

  4. Adjust (a clock or watch), typically to show the right time.

  5. Harden into a solid or semisolid state.

  6. Put, lay, or stand (something) in a specified place or position.

  7. Start (a fire).

  8. Sit.

  9. (of the sun, moon, or another celestial body) appear to move toward and below the earths horizon as the earth rotates.

  10. Group of parts, people, or things that are connected with one another because of one or more common characteristics.

  11. Assembly of items required to perform a function.

  12. (of blossom or a tree) develop into or produce (fruit).

Phonetic Pronunciation of Set


Origin of word Set

Late Old English, past participle of set.

Synonyms of Set

Adjust, Regulate, Synchronize, Coordinate, Harmonize, Go down, Sink, Decline, Descend, Drop, Subside, Solidify, Harden, Become solid, Become hard, Stiffen, Thicken, Gel, Start, Begin, Activate, Institute, Initiate, Launch, Get under way, Get going, Get in operation, Get functioning, Get working, Get off the ground, Get the ball rolling, Set the ball rolling, Start the ball rolling, Put, Place, Put down, Lay, Lay down, Deposit, Position, Settle, Station, A to Z, A to izzard, Brownian movement, Platonic form, Platonic idea, Zeitgeist, Abet, Accepted, Accommodate, Accord, Accretion, Acrid, Aculeate, Acuminate, Acute, Adapt, Address, Adhere, Adherence, Adhesion, Adjust, Adjust to, Advance, Aesthetic form, Affix, Affluence, Afflux, Affluxion, Age group, Agglomerate, Agglomeration, Agglutination, Aggregate, Aim, Aim at, Air, All, All and sundry, All ready, All set, Allocate, Allot, Alpha and omega, Anchor, Anchored, Angular motion, Animus, Annex, Appoint, Appropriate to, Aptitude, Aptness, Archetype, Armed, Armed and ready, Arrange, Arranged, Art form, Ascending, Ascent, Ascertained, Aspect, Assemblage, Assign, Assign to, Assigned, Assimilate, Assured, Attach, Attested, Attitude, Attune, Authorize, Axial motion, Azimuth, Back number, Back-number, Backed, Backflowing, Backing, Backward motion, Balking, Balky, Banal, Band, Barb, Base, Battalion, Battery, Be gravid, Be knocked up, Be pregnant, Be seated, Be with child, Be-all, Be-all and end-all, Bear, Bearing, Bearings, Bed, Beginning and end, Belay, Bend, Bend to, Bent, Bestow, Bet, Bevy, Bewhiskered, Bias, Bigoted, Block, Block out, Blood, Blueprinted, Body, Bonded, Booted and spurred, Borne, Bracket, Branch, Breed, Briefed, Brigade, Broadcast, Bromidic, Brood, Build, Build in, Bulldogged, Bulletheaded, Bullheaded, Bump, Bunch, Burden with, Cabal, Cabinet, Cadre, Cake, Calcified, Calculated, Callous, Calloused, Camarilla, Candy, Career, Carry, Carry young, Carve, Case-hardened, Cast, Caste, Category, Cave, Cave in, Celestial navigation, Cell, Cement, Cemented, Certain, Certified, Character, Charge, Charmed circle, Charted, Chassis, Chisel, Chronic, Cicatrize, Cinch, Circle, Circumscribed, Circumscript, Clabber, Clamp, Clan, Clasp, Class, Cleave, Climbing, Clinch, Cling, Cling to, Clinging, Clique, Clock, Close, Close up, Closed circle, Clot, Clotting, Clump, Cluster, Clustering, Coached, Coagulate, Coagulation, ■■■■, ■■■■■■■ Cohere, Coherence, Cohesion, Cohesiveness, Cohort, Collection, Common, Commonplace, Compaction, Company, Complement, Comportment, Compose, Concourse, Concrete, Concretion, Condensation, Condense, Conduce, Configuration, Confirm, Confirmed, Confluence, Conflux, Conformable, Conformation, Congeal, Congealment, Congelation, Conglobation, Conglomerate, Conglomeration, Console, Consolidation, Constant, Constitution, Consuetudinary, Contingent, Contribute, Contrived, Conventional, Coordinate, Copy, Corny, Corps, Coterie, Couple, Course, Cover, Covey, Cramp, Create, Crew, Crosscurrent, Crowd, Crusted, Crusty, Crystallize, Crystallized, Curd, Curdle, Current, Customary, Cut, Cut to, Cut-and-dried, Cutting, ■■■■ reckoning, Decided, Decisive, Decline, Decree, Deep-dye, Deep-dyed, Deep-engraven, Deep-fixed, Deep-grounded, Deep-laid, Deep-rooted, Deep-seated, Deep-set, Deep-settled, Define, Defined, Definite, Defluxion, Delimited, Demand, Demarcated, Demeanor, Denominate, Deployed, Deportment, Deposit, Descend, Descending, Descent, Designate, Designed, Destine, Detachment, Detail, Determinate, Determine, Determined, Devised, Diathesis, Dibble, Dictate, Diehard, Dip, Direct, Direction, Direction line, Directionize, Dispose, Disposition, Disseminate, Division, Dogged, Dogmatic, Double-edged, Downflow, Downpour, Downward motion, Drift, Driftage, Drill, Droop, Drop, Dry, Dyed-in-the-wool, Each and every, Earmark, Ebb, Ebbing, Eccentricity, Edge, Edged, Edition, Efform, Elite, Elite group, Embed, Embedded, Embosomed, Embossed, Embrace, Emplace, Emplaced, Encircled, Engraft, Engrafted, Engrave, Engraved, Enjoin, Ensconce, Ensconced, Entrench, Entrenched, Equalize, Equipped, Especial, Establish, Established, Estate, Etch, Etched, Everyday, Everything, Exact, Exposure, Faction, Fade, Familiar, Familiarized, Fanatic, Fashion, Fast, Fasten, Fasten upon, Fastened, Fate, Featheredged, Figuration, Figure, Figured, File, Fine, Firm, Firmly established, Fit, Fix, Fix on, Fixed, Fleet, Flight, Flinty, Flood, Flop, Flop down, Flow, Flow back, Flow in, Flow out, Flowing, Fluency, Flump, Flump down, Flush, Flux, Foment, Forest, Forge, Form, Formalize, Format, Formation, Forward motion, Fossilized, Found, Founder, Frame, Freeze to, Freight with, Frontage, Fusty, Game, Gang, Gear to, Gel, Gelatinate, Gelatinize, Generally accepted, Genius, Genre, Gestate, Get up steam, Give way, Glacial movement, Glued, Go, Go down, Good and ready, Grade, Graft, Grain, Granulate, Granulated, Grapple, Grasp, Graven, Grind, Groomed, Ground, Group, Grouping, Groupment, Grow together, Guaranteed, Gush, Hackney, Hackneyed, Hang on, Hang together, Hardened, Hardheaded, Harmonize, Hatch, Have a tendency, Head, Heading, Headstrong, Heal, Heal over, Hedged about, Helmsmanship, Hew, Hold, Hold a heading, Hold on, Hold together, Homologate, Homologize, Hone, Hornified, Housing, Hover, Hug, Idiosyncrasy, Immovable, Impact, Implant, Implanted, Impose, Impose on, Impose upon, Impress, Impressed, Impression, Imprint, Imprinted, In arms, In battle array, In readiness, In the bag, In the saddle, In the works, In-group, Inclination, Incline, Incorrigible, Incrassate, Incrusted, Incubate, Inculcated, Indelibly impressed, Indicate, Individualism, Indurate, Indurated, Ineffectual, Infix, Infixed, Inflexible, Inflict on, Inflict upon, Inflow, Informed, Ingrain, Ingrained, Ingroup, Ingrown, Inner circle, Inner form, Inscribe, Inseminate, Inseparability, Inspissate, Install, Installed, Instigate, Instilled, Instruct, Instrument, Instrumentate, Intent, Intolerant, Invest, Inveterate, Inwrought, Irreversible, Issue, Jam, Jammed, Jell, Jellify, Jelly, Junction, Junta, Junto, Justify, Keen, Keen-edged, Key to, Kidney, Kin, Kit, Knack, Knead, Knifelike, Knit, Knock out, Knot, Label, Lapidified, Lapse, Lay, Lay down, Lay on, Lay out, Lay the foundation, Layout, Lead, Lean, Leaning, Length and breadth, Level, Level at, Levy, Library, Library edition, Lick into shape, Lie, Limited, Line, Line of direction, Line of march, Line of position, Load, Loaded, Loaded for bear, Located, Lodge, Long-established, Look to, Look-alikes, Lopper, Lot, Lower, Loyal, Lump, Made sure, Main current, Mainstream, Make, Make an adaptation, Make assignments, Make fast, Make obligatory, Make plumb, Make uniform, Make up, Makeup, Mark, Mark off, Mark out for, Mass, Matching pair, Matrix, Mature, Mean, Measure, Melodize, Mental set, Mention, Methodized, Mettle, Mien, Mill run, Millrace, Mind, Mind-set, Mint, Mise-en-scene, Mob, Mobilized, Modality, Mode, Model, Mold, Moor, Moth-eaten, Motion, Mounting, Movement, Mulish, Musicalize, Musty, Nailed down, Name, Narrow, Nature, Navigation, Normal, Nose, Number, Oblique motion, Obstinate, Obtaining, Oilstone, Old hat, Old-line, On a rock, On bedrock, On ice, On the agenda, On the anvil, On the calendar, On the carpet, On the docket, On the mark, On the tapis, One and all, Ongoing, Onrush, Onward course, Open-and-shut, Opinionated, Orchestrate, Ordain, Order, Ordinary, Organized, Orientation, Ossified, Out-group, Outfit, Outflow, Overrun, Overzealous, Pack, Package, Package deal, Pair, Paltry, Park, Party, Passage, Pattern, Peer group, Perch, Persevering, Persist, Pertinacious, Petrified, Phalanx, Pi, Pi a form, Pick out, Pigeonhole, Pigheaded, Pilotage, Piloting, Pin down, Pitch, Place, Placed, Planned, Plant, Planted, Platitudinous, Platoon, Play, Plop, Plop down, Plotted, Plump, Plunging, Point, Point at, Point out, Point to, Popular, Port, Portion off, Pose, Posit, Position, Position line, Positioned, Posse, Post, Posted, Pot, Pour, Prearranged, Predicament, Predilection, Predisposition, Preference, Prepare, Prepared, Prepared and ready, Prescribe, Prescribed, Prescriptive, Presence, Present, Prevalent, Prime, Primed, Print, Printing, Proclivity, Progress, Projected, Proportion, Prototype, Proved, Provided, Provoke, Psyched up, Put, Put down, Put in, Put in tune, Put on, Put to, Put to music, Put up, Put upon, Quarter, Race, Radial motion, Radio, Radio bearing, Radio receiver, Radio set, Radio telescope, Raise, Random motion, Range, Rank, Rating, Rationalized, Razor-edged, Ready, Ready for anything, Received, Receiver, Receiving set, Reconcile, Rectify, Redound to, Reflowing, Refluence, Reflux, Reforest, Regiment, Regression, Regular, Regulate, Regulation, Regurgitate, Reinforced, Remain seated, Require, Reserve, Reset, Resolute, Resolved, Restive, Restrict, Restrict to, Retimber, Retrogression, Right, Right itself, Rigid, Rigidified, Ring, Ripe, Rising, Riveted, Roost, Root, Rooted, Rough out, Roughcast, Roughhew, Rubric, Run, Rush, Saddle with, Sag, Salon, Sapling, Scab over, Scatter seed, Scenery, Schedule, Scheduled, Schematized, School edition, Scion, Sclerotic, Score, Screw up, Sculpt, Sculpture, Seat, Seated, Section, Secure, Seed, Seed down, Seedling, Select, Self-willed, Seminate, Sept, Series, Serve, Set apart, Set aside, Set in, Set in print, Set off, Set on, Set right, Set to, Set to music, Set toward, Set up, Setting, Settle, Settle down, Settled, Settled in habit, Shape, Shaped, Sharp, Sharpen, Shoot, Show a tendency, Sideward motion, Sight on, Significant form, Signify, Similarize, Sink, Sink down, Sinking, Sit, Sit down, Situate, Situated, Slant, Slip, Slouch, Slump, Slump down, Small, Soaring, Solidification, Solidified, Solidify, Sot, Sound, Sow, Sow broadcast, Spate, Special, Specialize, Specific, Specified, Specify, Spiculate, Spotted, Spread, Sprig, Sprout, Spur, Squad, Square, Stabilized, Stable, Stage, Stage set, Stage setting, Stake, Stale, Stamp, Standard, Staple, State, Stated, Station, Stationed, Status, Staunch, Stay, Stay put, Steadfast, Steady, Steam up, Steeled, Steely, Steer, Steerage, Steering, Stereotype, Stereotyped, Sternway, Stick, Stick together, Sticking, Stiff-necked, Stiffened, Stipulate, Stipulated, Stir up, Stock, Strain, Strap, Strategetic, Strategic, Stratum, Streak, Stream, Strengthened, String, Stripe, Strong-willed, Strongheaded, Strop, Structure, Stubborn, Stuck, Style, Subdivision, Subgroup, Subject to, Submerge, Submit, Suborder, Subside, Subsiding, Sucker, Suit, Suite, Sulky, Sullen, Sur le tapis, Surge, Surge back, Surrounded, Swag, Swing, Sync, Synchronize, Systematized, Tactical, Tag, Tailor, Take a set, Take hold of, Talent, Taped, Taper, Task, Tax, Team, Temper, Temperament, Tenacious, Tend, Tend to go, Tendency, Tenor, Tested, The corpus, The ensemble, The entirety, The general tendency, The lot, The main course, The whole, The whole range, Thermoform, Thick, Thicken, Thorough, Threadbare, Tide, Tight, Tighten, Time spirit, Time-honored, Timeworn, Title, Tone, Toughened, Track, Trade book, Trade edition, Traditional, Train, Train upon, Traject, Trajet, Transcribe, Transplant, Transpose, Trend, Tribe, Trice up, Tried, Trim, Trim to, Trite, Troop, Troupe, True, True up, Truistic, Tune, Turn, Turn of mind, Turn upon, Twig, Twins, Twist, Two-edged, Type, Unbending, Uncooperative, Undeflectable, Undercurrent, Undertow, Unflappable, Unoriginal, Unregenerate, Unshaken, Unswerving, Unyielding, Up in arms, Upward motion, Usual, Verge, Vest, Vested, Vigilant, Vitrified, Volume, Wager, Warm up, Warmed-over, Warp, Warranted, Water flow, Way, We-group, Wedge, Wedged, Weight down with, Well-established, Well-founded, Well-grounded, Well-known, Well-prepared, Well-set, Well-settled, Well-worn, Whet, Whip up, Widespread, Willful, Wind, Wind up, Wing, Wireless, Wireless set, Wonted, Work, Work toward, Worked out, Worn, Worn thin, Write, Yoke with

How to use Set in a sentence?

  1. The group of children played with the set of blocks putting them together to form parts of a community which included a home, a firehouse and a police station.
  2. The hostages were set free.
  3. Dana set the mug of tea down.
  4. Wait until first flowers have set fruit before planting out the peppers.
  5. Cook for a further thirty-five minutes until the filling has set.
  6. I sold my entire set of Harry Potter books on Ebay, so now I can pay for some new Nike shoes.
  7. The sun was setting and a warm red glow filled the sky.
  8. The actress was supposed to arrive on set at ten am and she ended up arriving at twelve pm, which meant she would be fired.
  9. The school had been broken into and the fire had been set.
  10. Set your watch immediately to local time at your destination.
  11. A perfect lady—just set in her seat and stared.

Meaning of Set & Set Definition

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What Does Set Mean?

  1. The definition of Set is: Secure electronic transmission. Payment for products purchased online is a secure and confidential payment method.

Meanings of Set

  1. Standing, lying down or holding (something) in a particular place or place.

  2. Set or insert in a special position.

  3. Adjust (time or clock) to usually show the correct time.

  4. Treatment of solid or semi-solid condition.

  5. (From the sun, moon or other celestial bodies) It seems as if the earth rotates towards the horizon of the earth and moves below it.

  6. (Tide or current) is or is a particular direction or direction.

  7. Make fire)

  8. Prepare or produce (from flower or tree) (fruit)

  9. Sitting.

  10. A group or set of things that are shared, similar, or usually combined.

  11. The way an object is defined, organized or positioned.

Sentences of Set

  1. Dana put the cup of tea down

  2. The hostages were released

  3. Instantly set your watch to local destination time

  4. And cook for 35 minutes until the filling is complete

  5. Sunset and warm red light filled the sky

  6. The school was attacked and set on fire

Synonyms of Set

arranged , customary , stubborn , set in stone , well-set , appointed , resolute , hard and fast, decisive , certain , regular , predetermined, pat , predetermined , intent , appointed, definite , usual , expression, backdrop, wings, resolved , ironclad , prearranged , firm , concluded , entrenched


What is Set?

  1. Set means, Secure electronic transmission. A secure and confidential way to pay for products purchased online.

Meanings of Set

  1. Place, extend, or straighten (something) in a particular place or position.

  2. Putting or putting in a special condition.

  3. Set (time or time), usually to indicate the correct time.

  4. Treats in solid or semi-solid condition.

  5. (From the sun, moon or other celestial bodies) It seems that the earth is moving towards the horizon and downwards as it rotates.

  6. (Tide or current) is a specific direction or direction.

  7. Light the fire).

  8. Making or producing (fruit) of (flower or tree).

  9. A group or set of things that are shared, similar, or commonly found together.

  10. How to define, organize or position something.

  11. A set of sets, stage furniture, and other items used for a specific scene in a play or movie.

  12. Style your hair when wet and dry the way you want.

  13. Cuttings, plants or shoots used to propagate new plants.

Sentences of Set

  1. Delaney put down a cup of tea.

  2. The Home Minister began reviewing the law.

  3. Instantly set the clock to local time.

  4. Cook for another 35 minutes until filling is complete.

  5. Sunset and warm red light fill the sky.

  6. Good waves can be carried from the end of the earth before the rivers flow north.

  7. Wait for the flowers to come before you put the pepper in.

  8. The rest sit and stare for a while

  9. Teeth

  10. Eye shape and arrangement

  11. A TV

  12. Shampoo and a set

Synonyms of Set

predictable, disappear, correct, accustomed, arrangement, assortment, put right, flats, calibrate, collimate, invariable, unchanged, mise en scène, stage furniture, unchanging, dip below the horizon, selection, plonk, ■■■■, combination, plunk, habitual, up for it, cast-iron, determined expression, vanish, unvaried


What is Set?

Set refers to Secure electronic transmission. A secure and confidential payment method for products purchased online.

Meanings of Set

  1. Place, raise, or lift (something) in a particular place or position.

  2. Put or keep in a special condition.

  3. (From the sun, moon or other celestial bodies) appear to move towards the earth's horizon and downwards as it rotates.

  4. (Tide or current) is a particular direction or direction.

  5. A group or set of things that are common, similar, or commonly found together.

  6. A set of sets, stage furniture, and other items used for a particular scene in a play or movie.

  7. Comb wet hair to dry as you wish.

  8. Cuttings, seedlings or shalots are used to spread new plants.

  9. The last layer of plaster on the wall.

  10. The size of the character space that controls the distance between characters.

  11. Different spellings of the set.

Sentences of Set

  1. The Home Minister began a legal review.

  2. Instantly set the clock to the local time of the destination.

  3. Good waves can be carried far beyond the land end before flowing north of the river.

  4. Wait for the first flowering fruit to appear before planting.

  5. The rest sat and stared for a while.

  6. Try to feed the dog at a specific time of day.

  7. The first family is ready for a good night's sleep.

Synonyms of Set

routine, agreed, compendium, complete series, geared up, unvarying, ■■■■, dump, fixed look, batch