Definition of Servomechanism:

  1. A powered mechanism producing motion or forces at a higher level of energy than the input level, e.g. in the brakes and steering of large motor vehicles, especially where feedback is employed to make the control automatic.

  2. In general, a low power device that adjusts or controls a more powerful device in response to the changes detected in one or more variables.

Synonyms of Servomechanism

Flettner control, Action, Autosyn, Clockworks, Cybernion, Direct-current servo, Drive train, Gear, Hemostat, Hydraulic servo, Innards, Machinery, Mechanism, Motion, Movement, Movements, Pneumatic servo, Power brake, Power servo, Power train, Selsyn, Servo, Servo brake, Servomotor, Servotab, Sine mechanism, Synchro, Synchro receiver, Synchro transmitter, Synchronous motor, Telemechanism, Watchworks, Wheels, Wheels within wheels, Workings, Works

How to use Servomechanism in a sentence?

  1. The control servomechanisms and the engine controls are armour protected.

Meaning of Servomechanism & Servomechanism Definition