Definition of Services:

  1. A system supplying a public need such as transport, communications, or utilities such as electricity and water.

  2. (in tennis and other racket sports) the action or right of serving to begin play.

  3. A periodic routine inspection and maintenance of a vehicle or other machine.

  4. The action of helping or doing work for someone.

  5. (of a male animal) mate with (a female animal).

  6. A set of matching crockery used for serving a particular meal.

  7. A ceremony of religious worship according to a prescribed form.

  8. The formal delivery of a document such as a writ or summons.

  9. Perform routine maintenance or repair work on (a vehicle or machine).

  10. Intangible products such as accounting, banking, cleaning, consultancy, education, insurance, expertise, medical treatment, or transportation.

    Sometimes services are difficult to identify because they are closely associated with a good; such as the combination of a diagnosis with the administration of a medicine. No transfer of possession or ownership takes place when services are sold, and they (1) cannot be stored or transported, (2) are instantly perishable, and (3) come into existence at the time they are bought and consumed. See also service.

Synonyms of Services

Overhaul, Servicing, Maintenance check, Routine check, Check, Act of assistance, Good turn, Favour, Kindness, Helping hand, Overhaul, Servicing, Maintenance check, Routine check, Check, Ceremony, Ritual, Rite, Observance, Ordinance, Service, Amenity, Facility, Resource, Utility, Solution

How to use Services in a sentence?

  1. There is a seemingly endless amount of services offered to the general public in a vast amount of categories, from computer based to office based.
  2. A regular bus service.
  3. One dog could presumably service several bitches in a day.
  4. A funeral service.
  5. Ensure that gas appliances are serviced regularly.
  6. The claimants issued their writ and effected service in accordance with their undertakings.
  7. The Laundromat focused its day to day on providing services to customers that need to have there expensive shirts dry cleaned.
  8. The famous hit man offered his disposal services to the most unlikely of people–a TV star that occasionally wore a purple dinosaur costume.
  9. He took his car in for a service.
  10. Millions are involved in voluntary service.

Meaning of Services & Services Definition

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