Definition of Serviceable:

  1. Item capable and ready to perform its intended function, usually after being overhauled and/or repaired, and calibrated and tested.

Synonyms of Serviceable

Advantageous, Agential, Agentival, Agentive, Aidful, Aiding, Appropriate, Assisting, Banausic, Beneficial, Commodious, Conducive, Constructive, Contributory, Durable, Employable, Expedient, Facilitating, Favoring, Fitting, Forwarding, Functional, Functioning, Furthersome, Good for, Handy, Helpful, Instrumental, Intermediary, Long-lasting, Mediating, Mediatorial, Ministerial, Ministering, Of general utility, Of help, Of service, Of use, Operating, Operative, Positive, Practicable, Practical, Pragmatical, Profitable, Promoting, Proper, Remedial, Salutary, Subservient, Therapeutic, Tough, Usable, Useful, Utilitarian, Workable, Working

Meaning of Serviceable & Serviceable Definition