Service mark (SM)

Service mark (SM),

Definition of Service mark (SM):

  1. Brand or identification mark associated with a service, in the same way a trademark is associated with a good (tangible product). Both terms have equal stature under the copyright law, are given the same protection, and are sometimes used interchangeably.

  2. A legally registered name or designation used in the manner of a trademark to distinguish an organizations services from those of its competitors.

How to use Service mark (SM) in a sentence?

  1. Apples service mark happens to be a giant apple. Its associated with almost all of the apple products we know and love. Thank you Steve Jobs.
  2. I really admired and remembered the service mark of the company because it was really creative and it was also very innovative.
  3. The company later dropped its application to register the logo as a service mark, leaving it in the public domain.
  4. When you are preparing to start out with a new company you may want to google their service mark to see what comes up.

Meaning of Service mark (SM) & Service mark (SM) Definition