Service mark (SM)

Service mark (SM),

Definition of Service mark (SM):

  1. The way a brand or identity is associated with a service, the way a brand is associated with a product (material product). Both terms have the same meaning in copyright law, enjoy the same protections and are sometimes used interchangeably.

  2. A registered name or designation used as a brand is used to distinguish the services of an organization from its competitors.

How to use Service mark (SM) in a sentence?

  1. The apple serving sign turned out to be a big apple. This applies to almost all apple products we know and like. Thanks Steve Jobs
  2. I really admire and miss this company's service brand because it is so creative and so innovative.
  3. The company then signed up to register the logo as a service mark and leave it in the public domain.
  4. As you prepare to start a new business, you'll want to know what happened to your service brand on Google.

Meaning of Service mark (SM) & Service mark (SM) Definition