Service industry

Service industry,

Definition of Service industry:

  1. The sector consists of companies that collect revenue mainly from the provision of unusable products and services.

    Service companies operate in the retail, transportation, distribution, food service and other service-oriented businesses. It is also known as the service sector, the industrial sector. See also primary industry, secondary industry.

  2. Companies that work for customers and sometimes deliver goods, but are not involved in production.

How to use Service industry in a sentence?

  1. The service industry is constantly growing, because human intelligence will always be in demand.
  2. The owners of Coach Industries, the Coke Brothers are a major force in the service sector, with their company producing everything from toilet paper to electricity, fertilizer and oil, and even a distribution company.
  3. Since none of my parents graduated from college, they grew up in financial difficulties and always worked in the service sector in one way or another.
  4. In the service sector, there is little to do with something solid and sustainable.

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