Service Fee

Service Fee,

Definition of Service Fee:

  1. Service Fee means: Your cousin had a security deposit.

  2. Definition of Service Fee: Compensation for the provision of services is generally seen as income from commercial activities or in the case of professional services, revenue from independent personal services.

Literal Meanings of Service Fee


Meanings of Service:
  1. Helping or working with someone.

  2. A system that meets the needs of the public, such as transportation, communications or public services, such as electricity and water.

  3. Rituals of religious worship in the manner prescribed for such ceremonies.

  4. Inspection and periodic maintenance of other vehicles or machines.

  5. A wide variety of different foods and dishes are used to serve certain foods.

  6. Right or right to play (in tennis and other racquet sports).

  7. Formal delivery of documents, such as brochures or subscriptions.

  8. Perform routine maintenance or repair work (vehicle or machinery).

  9. Interacting with (male animals) and (female)

Sentences of Service
  1. Millions of people are involved in volunteering

  2. Regular bus connection

  3. Funeral

  4. He took his car to the garage

  5. Applicants return the car and are notified of the appointment.

  6. Check your vehicle regularly

  7. A dog can have many prostitutes in a day

Synonyms of Service

amenity, ritual, check, favour, act of assistance, service, helping hand, servicing, good turn, ceremony, resource, overhaul, solution, kindness, maintenance check, rite, routine check, utility, observance, facility, ordinance


Meanings of Fee:
  1. Payment to professionals or professionals or public agencies in exchange for consulting services or services.

Sentences of Fee
  1. They had to pay a legal fee of 3,000

  2. Others offer discounts to customers when purchasing software for their free online service.

Synonyms of Fee

pay, wage, allowance, handout, payment, give payment to, salary, emolument, reimburse, stipend, reward, recompense