Service Engine Soon Light Mitsubishi Outlander

Service Engine Soon Light Mitsubishi Outlander

Will we restore service immediately in connection with the 2002 launch rally? 3

Disconnect the battery for 15 seconds to reset the ECU (and check the ene indicator light)

Or fix it and use the scan tool to remove it.

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A mechanism was found to restore the service immediately, in light of which Mitsushi Lancer 2008, 2009, 2010. I don't know if it's available for your model, but it doesn't hurt to test it.

I made it last, LOL my 3000gt and the problem was fixed a month ago, but the light never goes out. I disconnected the battery and it just ran out. So I think you should turn on the light again with you: p

Jan Quickly Gentle Supplier There is no reminder that smart routine maintenance is very important. After repairing your ENE, ask a mechanic for you to perform a software reset or refer to your user guide to learn how to complete the reset flow. Some GMs just turn on the ignition, don't start, hit the gas pedal three times in 5 seconds, and restart easily. If this is a soft life test, some code will flash after the problem is solved and the computer is in a long charging cycle. You will need to use a testing tool to clear the code and fix this small issue, but if the problem persists, it will come back again.

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