Definition of Server:

  1. Hardware: Central, and usually the largest, and most powerful computer in a network that houses the server software, stores and manages common (network) data and supplies it to the individual workstations (clients), and provides shared services (access to internet or other networks, faxing, printing, etc.). Servers are named after the primary functions they perform: file servers receive, store, and send files, web servers store webpages, mail servers receive, store, and forward emails, etc.

  2. Software: Computer program that serves as the server-component in a client-server architecture, and has these defining characteristics: (1) Centralization: resides (usually) on a central, largest, and most powerful computer in a network. (2) Passivity: does nothing until a request (command) is received from a client. (3) Continuous operation: always up and running, ready to respond to commands from the clients. (4) Background operation: rarely interacts with the user except through client programs. (5) Simultaneous operation: responds at once to multiple commands from the clients.

  3. A computer or computer program which manages access to a centralized resource or service in a network.

  4. A person or thing that provides a service or commodity.

How to use Server in a sentence?

  1. The employee was able to remotely connect to his companys server via the internet which allowed him to access his documents from anywhere in the world.
  2. We use the server to connect our electronics, so that we are able to share data and information with others in the building.
  3. The software runs on a variety of Unix servers.
  4. When the colleges server crashed, many students were in great distress because they lost both their work and the time they had spent working on their projects.

Meaning of Server & Server Definition