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Series 7,

Series 7 Meanings:

  1. Series 7 means, The Series 7 exam gives its holder the right to sell all types of securities except commodities and futures. Officially known as the General Securities Representative Eligibility Test, the Series 7 exam and its license are administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

    • Series 7 is a test and license that gives the holder the right to sell all types of securities except commodities and futures.
    • The Series 7 exam covers topics related to investment risk, taxes, stocks and bonds, stocks, options and retirement plans.
    • The Series 7 license is intended to establish a level of expertise for registered agents in the securities industry.

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Meanings of Series:
  1. A series of things, events or people of the same or related nature make each other successful.

  2. A collection of related radio or television programs, especially of a particular type.

  3. Another term for a series of notes

  4. Identify electrical circuits or components in such a way that one flow after another continues.

  5. (In chronography) A series of layers related to time, system subdivision and even phases.

  6. A combination of elements with the same properties or compounds that are related to the structure or composition.

  7. A set of quantities that represents growth or sets different values ​​through the same relationship.

  8. A group of head sounds that usually have at least one phonetic feature but differ from the other.

Sentences of Series
  1. The blast was the latest in a series of accidents

  2. New drama series

  3. Serial link

  4. Plywood series

  5. Lanthanide series metals

  6. Genocide's major research topics were Number Theory, Series, and Essential Calculus.

Synonyms of Series

train, chain, round, chapter, programme, procession, string, set of programmes, sequence, production, concatenation, run, succession, progression, serial