Series 66

Series 66,

How To Define Series 66?

  1. The definition of Series 66 is: Series 66 is a test and license to qualify to represent an investment advisor or securities dealer. Series 66, also called the Commonwealth Review, covers topics related to providing investment advice and securities transactions for clients.

    • Those who want to become investment advisors or securities dealers should take Series 66 and Series 7 exams.
    • In the series 66 exam, 100 multiple choice questions have been examined and the candidates have to answer 73 73 questions correctly to succeed.
    • The comprehensive examination covers topics such as economics, real estate investment vehicles, investment strategy for clients / clients as well as rules and regulations.

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Meanings of Series:
  1. Something similar or similar things, events, or people happen.

  2. A collection of related radio or television programs, specifically of a particular type.

  3. Another term for a series of notes

  4. Identify any electrical circuits or components that are arranged so that one flow after another continues through them.

  5. (In chronography) A series of layers related to time, system subdivision and even phases.

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Sentences of Series
  1. The blast was the latest in a series of accidents

  2. New drama series

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  5. lanthanide series metals

  6. Genocide's major research topics were number theory, series, and essential calculus.

Synonyms of Series

procession, concatenation, chain, succession, round, programme, set of programmes, string, chapter, sequence, train, production, run, progression, serial