Serial bond

Serial bond,

Definition of Serial bond:

  1. Bond issue in which the principal is repaid (retired) in regular installments over the life (maturity period) of the issue. Serial bonds are issued where the underlying asset (security) depreciates through use or obsolescence, and their principal repayments are so arranged that at any time the outstanding principal does not exceed the assets current value.

Meaning of Serial bond & Serial bond Definition

Serial Bond,

What is The Meaning of Serial Bond?

  • The division of responsibilities, usually by the municipality, is fixed on a regular basis for some time until the matter is fully withdrawn.

Literal Meanings of Serial Bond


Meanings of Serial:
  1. A story or drama that appears regularly on television, radio or in newspapers.

  2. Created, part of a series or in a series.

  3. (Of the offender) who commits the same crime over and over again and generally follows the characteristic and predictable pattern of behavior.

  4. Using fixed pitch range change.

  5. (Of a device) which involves transferring data as a string of bits.

Sentences of Serial
  1. New three-part drama series

  2. Publishing

  3. Serial rapist suspect

  4. The peaceful flow of serial music

  5. The controller can simultaneously transfer data and / or from serial and parallel devices.

Synonyms of Serial

programme, set of programmes, production, in order of time, consecutive, ordered, sequential, progressive, in order, serial, in sequence


Meanings of Bond:
  1. Securely attach or attach anything else, especially to a sticky substance, heat or pressure.

  2. Join or be involved in chemical bonds.

  3. Place (bricks) in an overlapping pattern to form a solid structure.

  4. (Taxable goods) Customs.

  5. Relationships between people or groups based on shared feelings, interests or experiences.

  6. The contact between two surfaces or objects, including by adhesive, heat or pressure.

  7. According to the power of law.

  8. The pattern in which the bricks are placed to ensure the strength of the resulting structure.

  9. Summary for Bond Paper

Sentences of Bond
  1. Press the ingredients to join the layers

  2. Neutral molecules attached to the central atom

  3. The sprawling castle was in the shape of a drum, made of stone, built into it, which is connected horizontally by layers connected by red tiles.

  4. Assets may need to be sold or consolidated to provide liquidity to pay this tax.

  5. There is a relationship of understanding between them

  6. There is no effective link between concrete and steel.

  7. Marriage as a legal bond may be obsolete, but I doubt it.

  8. Link in English

Synonyms of Bond

pledge, fuse, paste, solder, bind, promise, alliance, association, secure, fellowship, friendship, connect, affiliation, word, assurance, vow, cement, oath, fasten, guarantee, partnership, glue, gum, fix, affix

Serial Bond,

Definition of Serial Bond:

  1. Payment of the issue, usually by the municipality, periodically from time to time until all issuance is withdrawn.

Literal Meanings of Serial Bond


Meanings of Serial:
  1. Which involves being part of or taking part in a series.

  2. They commit the same crime over and over again and generally follow a normal, expected pattern of behavior.

  3. With a fixed series of record changes.

  4. Stories or dramas that appear regularly on television, radio or in magazines.

  5. Newspapers (in the library)

Sentences of Serial
  1. A serial killer

  2. Synchronous flow of serial music

  3. Series Librarians


Meanings of Bond:
  1. The contact between two surfaces or objects that come together, mainly through glue, heat or pressure.

  2. Bonded or linked by chemical bonds.

  3. Place the (bricks) in an overlapping pattern to form a solid structure.

  4. Keep in customs (taxable goods).

Synonyms of Bond

attach, troth, weld, solemn word, concordat, union, contract, coalition, tie, covenant, stick, bail, engagement, obligation, bargain, pact, word of honour, parole, link, nexus, deal, agreement