Serena Williams Height

Serena Williams Height

Serena Williams Height and weight?

I don't hate seeing my name. I love peaceful williams

It says 58 and 130 pounds on the Wimbledon website ... sounds too much!

Serena Williams size

Serena's height.

In fact, it weighs about 130 pounds. It seems more than it really is. Muscles do this to humans. He is obviously genetically more likely to build muscle, but in pn he is not at all. It doesn't help that other women are short in tennis and most of them don't have the right muscles. Now that I think about it, she doesn't look like Jennifer Capretti.

58/59 130 pounds do not hate! This girl has all the muscles and strength. It is too small to be seen on TV. She has a much lower Y than other girls, but her muscles make her limbs look like G's.

It's not too heavy. MDR He is very muscular and very trained. I weigh more than that, but I look small. Its appearance and weight are really deceptive.

Serena Williams Height