Ser Revendedora Avon

Ser Revendedora Avon

Advantage and disadvantages of Avon seller?

You earn 30% commission by selling one magazine, two cosmetics and one regular, but selling books, beds, tables and prohibited items, clothes, etc. to other magazines among other things. At a rate of 25% but it was not sold because 2 magazines are needed. Or the downside; as a person who is afraid to believe that I have seen you pay, you can see the ticket to pay and you do not swear to buy, upgrade and if you If they don't, I can't imagine paying dirty (I don't want to know). Another thing is example example you ask 1 color Braille L for example, and Avon doesn't send the other color and you don't care to find out how users are with the same IM (from day one) I'll eat) and one more thing: you ask for a lot of words, there is a super promotion with the magazine that you can't remember and then it doesn't come! Avon doesn't have that much auto stock because you promote or do you know what you're missing? And worst of all, I said I wasn't afraid to go to the next campaign to ask automatically, because it happened so many times because the client didn't want any more, wasting 1 campaign to get me and me. Had to Have to live with it Anyway, this is a negative point you should know before becoming a reseller, right? I make a profit for my own benefit, and I walked away from the two retailers I found, where only launches are revealed, there are lots of autos, well they are cool too.

Oops, I'm afraid to sell or send or order at least 75/80 cents real.

Avon Dealers: 10 Advantages

Learn how to make a profit by selling Avon

Why should I compete with Avon and Na £ or other brands? Well, besides the other benefits, this is what we didn't choose.

Avon is easy to sell but selling Avon: Avon At At is one of the largest direct selling companies in the world and has more notoriety. Everyone knows Avon and everyone looked at Avon

2 Profit 25% to 80%: Through Avon, your profit can reach 80% of your sales.

3 Mailer Product Range: From high quality cosmetic products to top brands, certified product range.

4 No initial investment: to start selling Avon, you don't have to pay immediately, just send your first box in 33.00 lots, not your ticket, and the kit in the box that benefits you Will be.

510 credit slides for your order payment (on media)

6 Shipping and do not pay cash. Deliver it to your door

7 Exclusive Magazine Dealers Where You Can Make Extra Profits Before You Go Directly

8 Access to websites where you can order online, and manage your skin care, coloring or hair, make-up, etc.

9 Campus rental possibilities have been postponed to increase your profits

10 meetings with people who have direct contact with Avon, mostly due to ease and difficulty in doing business.

Profit: 30% commission

Disadvantages: The fear of buying a kit will not overcome it, accepting orders as people's payment, without any payment, you become biased .... and often end up storing this thing in auto Does not happen and you have the face of every user

Ser Revendedora Avon