Sequester: What is the Meaning of Sequester?

  1. Isolate judges under close supervision, and keep them away from the public and media during trials.

  2. Separate. Sometimes the jurors keep themselves away from external influences in their thoughts. This can happen, for example, during high profile testing.

Meanings of Sequester

  1. Isolate or hide.

  2. Take legal ownership of (assets) until the debt is settled or other claims are settled.

  3. Forming a chelate or other stable compound with (an ion, atom or molecule) so that it can now react. Not available.

  4. General cuts in public spending.

Sentences of Sequester

  1. Tiberius was abducted on an island.

  2. Soft water without water uses complex phosphates to bind soft calcium and magnesium ions.

Synonyms of Sequester

shut oneself off, set off , separate , draw back , seclude oneself, cut oneself off, set apart , insulate , hide , enisle , secrete , isolate oneself, shut oneself away, island , withdraw , cut off , cloister , segregate oneself, close off , set oneself apart, hide oneself away, segregate