Definition of Sequential:

  1. Forming or following in a logical order or sequence.

  2. Income and liabilities are recorded as transactions in alphabetical order.

Synonyms of Sequential

Appendant, Catenary, Connected, Consecutive, Consequent, Consequential, Consistent, Continuous, Cyclic, Deducible, Derivable, Derivational, Derivative, Ensuing, Final, Following, Infenible, Joined, Lineal, Linear, Next, Ordered, Orderly, Ordinal, Organized, Posterior, Postpositional, Postpositive, Progressive, Proximate, Resultant, Resulting, Sequacious, Sequent, Serial, Seriate, Subsequent, Succeeding, Successional, Successive, Suffixed, Systematic, Tight, Uninterrupted, Consecutive, In a row, Straight, Solid, Sequential, Succeeding, In succession, Following, Serial, Running, Continuous, Unbroken, Uninterrupted

How to use Sequential in a sentence?

  1. A series of sequential steps.

Meaning of Sequential & Sequential Definition