Septic Pipe Sticking Out Of Ground

Septic Pipe Sticking Out Of Ground

What is the PVC pipe that is coming out of my throat? 3

We moved to a new mine in our small facade with a 6-inch PVC pipe 10 cm from the ground. what the hell? Can I carve it so that it is equal to the ground? When you look at it, it has rocks and dirt and stuff, so I don't think it erases anything. Please help, thanks !!

Do you have a sewage treatment plant instead of being connected to a sewage system? In this case, it may be septic tank ventilation. It's a little weird that it works this way without a T-tag. If you have a sewage treatment plant, your water / sanitation service may have information at its disposal about the location and date of the last stop.

Is there a longitude line in the tube? Are you sure your PVC is flexible? Maybe MDPE. Is its wall thickness 4.5 mm? Is it also cut on one side (will you see the polyethylene bulge in one direction or is it a spiral cut with a clean, perfect 90 degree cut)?

Septic Pipe Sticking Out Of Ground

Septic Pipe Sticking Out Of Ground

Stupid people! Ask your real estate agent, former mayor, or my inspector. Don't change until you know how it works. This can be a drainage system, gutter or French drain to drain excess water.

If you don't have these features, ask your new neighbors, we may need a similar system for local conditions, OK!

This could be cleaning the drains of your septic tank or the vent pipes of your distribution box or the dry well that enters them.

It gets into your ducts and needs to be kept safe at all times. If someone destroys it, it can cause a major leak and cost the plumber a lot of money and spilled water. Attention

This is probably the inspection port for your drainage field. This is if you live in a rural area. You can open it and cover it, but you can't fill it.

This is probably part of the floor of your septic tank and there are rocks to prevent solid waste from escaping the pipe.

It can only be removed when usage increases. I will ask the builder. It will be known if you can cut it.

Ask your ■■■■■■■ and enter any other questions you may have so you can ask them all at once.

Just decide, maybe no problem.

Septic Pipe Sticking Out Of Ground