Separate Assessment

Separate Assessment,

What is The Definition of Separate Assessment?

  1. A simple definition of Separate Assessment is: See: separate tax

Literal Meanings of Separate Assessment


Meanings of Separate:
  1. Reason for relocation or separation.

  2. Divide or subdivide into different circles or sections.

  3. Make something or see something for yourself or yourself.

  4. Individual clothing items, such as skirts, jackets or trousers, can be worn in a variety of combinations.

  5. Stand and stand components of the sound reproductive system.

  6. Areas where soil, sediment, etc. It can be classified according to particle size, mineral composition or other criteria.

  7. Formed or seen as a separate or independent entity.

Sentences of Separate
  1. The police are trying to separate two protesters

  2. The milk was separated into yogurt and whey

  3. The daywear has an angular cut, with a sweater including a wide neck and V-neck pants.

  4. Six-layer mineral separation analysis containing cordrite

  5. This raises two different issues

Synonyms of Separate

break up, distinct, different, put to one side, segregate, unconnected, discrete, split, isolate, divide, move apart, disparate, unrelated, set apart, split up, part


Meanings of Assessment:
  1. Testing or evaluation of someone's nature, quality or performance or something.

Sentences of Assessment
  1. Determining educational needs

Synonyms of Assessment

appraisal, gauging, estimation, opinion, judgement, evaluation, analysis, rating