Definition of Sensitivity:

  1. The quality or condition of being sensitive.

  2. Degree of awareness and responsiveness to internal and external changes, challenges, or demands.

  3. Degree of change in a dependent variable in response to a change in an independent variable on which it is dependent.

  4. Degree of susceptibility to damage or harm from changes in the environment.

Synonyms of Sensitivity

Acuteness, Affectivity, Agitability, Allergy, Anaphylaxis, Appreciation, Appreciation of differences, Appreciativeness, Artistic judgment, Awareness, Censoriousness, Choosiness, Combustibility, Compassion, Concern, Connoisseurship, Conscientiousness, Consciousness, Considerateness, Critical niceness, Criticalness, Delicacy, Discriminating taste, Discriminatingness, Discrimination, Discriminativeness, Edginess, Emotional instability, Emotionalism, Empathy, Eruptiveness, Excitability, Excitableness, Explosiveness, Exquisiteness, Fastidiousness, Feel, Feeling, Fine palate, Fineness, Finesse, Hyperesthesia, Hyperpathia, Hypersensitiveness, Hypersensitivity, Identification, Impressionability, Inflammability, Intuition, Irascibility, Irritability, Judiciousness, Kindliness, Latent violence, Making distinctions, Meticulousness, Nervousness, Niceness of distinction, Nicety, Oversensibility, Oversensitiveness, Oversensitivity, Overtenderness, Palate, Particularity, Particularness, Passibility, Perception, Perceptiveness, Perceptivity, Perfectionism, Perturbability, Photophobia, Preciseness, Precisianism, Precision, Prickliness, Priggishness, Prudishness, Punctilio, Punctiliousness, Purism, Puritanism, Receptiveness, Receptivity, Refined discrimination, Refined palate, Refinement, Responsiveness, Scrupulosity, Scrupulousness, Selectiveness, Selectivity, Sense, Sensibility, Sensitiveness, Sensitivity, Sensitization, Skittishness, Soreness, Startlishness, Strictness, Subtlety, Supersensitivity, Susceptibility, Susceptivity, Sympathy, Tact, Tactfulness, Taste, Temperamentalness, Tempestuousness, Tenderness, Tetchiness, Thin skin, Ticklishness, Touchiness, Understanding, Violence, Warmth, Responsiveness, Sensitiveness, Reactivity

How to use Sensitivity in a sentence?

  1. A lack of common decency and sensitivity.

Meaning of Sensitivity & Sensitivity Definition

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