Sensitive Items

Sensitive Items,

How Do You Define Sensitive Items?

  • Sensitive Items definition is: Theft, damage or loss of property that could potentially endanger the safety of the public or the public and subject to exceptional physical protection, protection, control and liability. The following types of assets should be marked as confidential in the university's asset management system. Weapons, ammunition, explosives, drugs and narcotics, radioactive substances, hazardous materials, hazardous waste, precious metals and other items have been classified as sensitive by the defense agencies.

Literal Meanings of Sensitive Items


Meanings of Sensitive:
  1. Someone who needs to react to hidden effects.

  2. Recognize or react quickly to small changes, symptoms or effects.

  3. Immediate and kind praise of another person's feelings (with or in relation to someone's behavior).

  4. With withholding or disclosure restrictions to avoid compromising security.

Sentences of Sensitive
  1. Therefore, the positive results that thrill exhibit are not always the result of stereotypes about ghosts that the observer and the thriller respond to simultaneously.

  2. The new protein detection method is more sensitive than ever

  3. I respect the Minister for handling this accounting carefully.

  4. Suspected of sending classified information to another country

Synonyms of Sensitive

sensitized to, privileged, sentient of, subtle, finely tuned, tactful, quiet, thoughtful, quick to respond to, private, careful, personal, responsive to, delicate, kid-glove, diplomatic, intimate, reactive to


Meanings of Items:
  1. Used to insert each item in the list.

  2. An individual item or unit, especially an item that is part of a list, collection, or quantity.

Sentences of Items
  1. Agenda items

Synonyms of Items

module, bit, thing, article, object, product, piece, commodity, unit, artefact