Senate Election 2021: PTI To Win by 2/3rd Majority

Almost half of the senate will be up for reelection in March. And it seems that PTI will win by two-third majority in the upper house of the parliament(senate). Elections are held every three years in the 104-strong Senate, while a Senator has a six-year tenure in office. The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) won the house in last Senate election, held before the 2018 polls.

Post-March Scenario

52 seats will be up for grabs, in March 2021, including 12 seats from KPK and Balochistan, 11 from Punjab and Sindh, 4 from the Tribal Areas and two from Islamabad.

Usman Khan, Mohsin Aziz, Raja Zafar-ul -Haq, Ayesha Raza Farooq, Sardar Yaqoob Nasir, Raheela Magsi, Kalsoom Parveen, Sherry Rehman, Rehman Malik, Farooq Naek, Saleem Mandiwala, Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif and Abdul Ghafoor Haideri may not be present in the senate next year. It can be a post-March scenario related to different ministers.

Is PTI going to win the House?

Voting within the higher house involves the legislators, which suggests that solely lawmakers will elect Senators.

The Senate polls square measure remained the premise of one Transferable Vote System, a proportional system of choosing. On the day of the vote, members of the national and provincial assembly are going to be given four slips of paper and that they can name their candidates on the premise of priority, thus the primary, second and third candidate.

  • In Punjab, Since the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf contains a majority within the national assembly and in 2 provincial assemblies it’s seemingly to choose up seven of the eleven seats up for election from geographical area. While the Pakistan Muslim League-Q might additionally get one Senate seat, as they need ten MPAs within the assembly and are in alliance with the PTI.

  • As in Sindh, there is PPP in majority so it would likely to get 8 seats out of 11. And as far as MQM and PTI are concerned so they could get 3 seats out of 11.

  • In KPK, PTI could easily get nine seats while other parties like JUI-F, ANP, PPP and PML-N were likely to get three seats. Here, PTI is also in majority in this province.

  • In Balochistan, A PTI and bap accord might land it eight seats, of that 2 would move to the PTI, whereas the JUI-F would doubtless get one, BNP-M one, one for a freelance and one can be miscellaneous, thus anyone will latch on.

  • In Islamabad, both of the two seats will be won by PTI in March 2021.

Total Seats in Pakistan Senate

If we go with the above count, then it is possible that PTI would get 22 seats in the house in March 2021. Likewise, considering the seats from all the provinces, the allies would get 12 seats. This would bring its total, together with the seats the ruling party and its coalition partners have already got within the Senate, to fifty seven members, which can provides it a slim majority within the house of 104.