Definition of Semiconductor:

  1. Crystalline element (such as germanium or silicon) or compound (such as gallium ■■■■■■■■ or indium phosphide) that is between a conductor (such as a metal) and an insulator (such as glass) in its ability to conduct electric current. This ability can be selectively controlled by doping the material with an impurity (such as aluminum or boron) and/or by running another current through the material at a different axis. Semiconductors are used in making solid state electronic devices such as diodes, rectifiers, transistors, and integrated circuits (computer and memory chips).

  2. A solid substance that has a conductivity between that of an insulator and that of most metals, either due to the addition of an impurity or because of temperature effects. Devices made of semiconductors, notably silicon, are essential components of most electronic circuits.

  3. Semiconductor devices can display a range of useful properties such as showing variable resistance, passing current more easily in one direction than the other and reacting to light and heat. Their actual function includes the amplification of signals, switching, and energy conversion. Therefore, they find widespread use in almost all industries and the companies that manufacture and test them are considered to be excellent indicators on the health of the overall economy.

  4. A semiconductor is a material product usually comprised of silicon, which conducts electricity more than an insulator, such as glass, but less than a pure conductor, such as copper or aluminum. Their conductivity and other properties can be altered with the introduction of impurities, called doping, to meet the specific needs of the electronic component in which it resides. Also known as semis, or chips, semiconductors can be found in thousands of products such as computers, smartphones, appliances, gaming hardware, and medical equipment.

How to use Semiconductor in a sentence?

  1. There are four basic types of semiconductors.
  2. Found in thousands of electronic products, a semiconductor is a material which conducts electricity more than an insulator but less than a pure conductor.
  3. Semiconductor can be used in a wide variety of applications such as generating the movement of objects at or near the earths surface.
  4. The semiconductor industry lives – and dies – by a simple creed: smaller, faster and cheaper.
  5. Investors should bear in mind that the semiconductor industry is a highly cyclical one, subject to periodic booms and busts.
  6. Excitons are created in semiconductors when a laser field promotes an electron from the valance band to the conduction band.
  7. While some may think that semiconductor s carry less of an electric charge they are still very capable of causing quiet a shock when they come into contact with something.
  8. When working in a factory there will be a semiconductor that combines with other elements to create all the power.

Meaning of Semiconductor & Semiconductor Definition

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A semiconductor is a solid whose conductivity is between that of an insulator and that of most metals, either by the addition of an impurity or by the effect of temperature. Semiconductor devices, especially silicon, are important components in most electronic circuits.