Definition of Seller:

  1. Someone is selling something.

  2. Parties that make, offer or sell potential buyers. Also known as a sales person.

  3. Products that are sold in a particular way.

Synonyms of Seller

Selling agent, Merchant, Sales manager, Saleswoman, Ironmonger, Sales personnel, Trader, Rep, Representative, Merchant, Retailer, Salesperson, Retailer, Dealer, Saleslady, Salesclerk, Agent, Sales agent, Shopkeeper, Scalper, Shopkeeper, Vendor, Ticket scalper, Salesman, Sales engineer, Supplier, Salespeople, Store clerk, Hawker, Stockist, Sutler, Vendor, Colporteur, Shop assistant, Purveyor, Drummer, Sales force, Dealer, Salesgirl, Shop clerk, Fishmonger, Floorwalker, Traveller, Chandler, Clerk, Peddler

How to use Seller in a sentence?

  1. Newspapers, flower sellers, etc.
  2. The seller makes the product available and it is up to the consumer to decide whether to buy it or not.
  3. We had in-store vendor servers that we claim have two years of free technical support.
  4. They are sellers and I am the buyer, which means I am going to buy this thing and they will give it to me in exchange for money.
  5. Undoubtedly, this year will be the best seller of this game.

Meaning of Seller & Seller Definition