Definition of Sell:

  1. Frustration, usually due to being a victim of fraud.

  2. Transfer of property for cash or value.

  3. Give (something) for money or return it.

  4. Trying to sell or sell something.

  5. To deceive or defraud (someone).

  6. Convince anyone of the benefits.

Synonyms of Sell

Market, Retail, Trade, Selling off, Defraud, Deed over, Deceive, Sell out, Spiel, Gas, Sell up, Undercut, Double-cross, Convict, Yield, Convinced, Fringe, Flimflam, Sacrifice, Prevail upon, Inform against, Betray, Prevail on, Fake, Periphery, Fetch, Draw over, Hand, Push, Sell short, Deception, Hoodwink, Settle on, Barter, Wangle, Hand over, Win, Auctioning, Put-on, Dispose of, Outtalk, Convert into cash, Bulletin, Post up, Gross, Circularize, Press-agent, Give, Enfeoff, Job, Make over, Verge, Tattle on, Talk into, Traffic in, Coal, Draw, Put over, Get acceptance for, Persuade someone to accept, Fool, Merchandise, Provision, Delude, Move, Vending, Fuel, Give publicity, Resell, Advertise, Trade in, Charm, Furnish, Win someone over to, Exchange, Cross, Hoax, Hand down, Clear the trade, Victual, Alienate, Net, Write up, Be sold, Talk someone into, Demise, Handle, Post bills, Perimeter, Provender, Dupe, Deed, Establish, Give away, Cheat, Hand on, Wangle into, Negotiate, Promote, Brim, Deal in, Bring in, Transfer, Pass over, Get across, Persuade, Tell on, Cut under, Hawk, Swindle, Cry up, Beguile, Argue into, Hook, Sell retail, Bring, Trade in, Sell one on, Bring to reason, Cede, Pass on, Sell for, Prevail with, Cater, Transmit, Stock, Lead to believe, Bring someone round to, Flog, Amortize, Unload, Publicize, Cheat, Double-cross, Be in, Terminate the account, Return, Put across, Turn over, Close out, Settle, Outwit, Boost, Hem, Deceit, Wear down, Dump, Gas up, Convince, Effect a sale, Bring over, Purvey, Spoof, Convince someone of the merits of, Vend, Be convincing, Gull, Sway, Win approval for, Peddle, Placard, Abalienate, Turn into money, Sell wholesale, Bring round, Sell on consignment, Ballyhoo, Plug, Get support for, Command, Alien, Trading, Edge, Carry, Feed, Persuaded, Bunker, Brink, Convert, Undersell, Fill up, Consign, Shop, Forage, Talk over, Gain over, Mislead, Build up, Bamboozle, Puff, Deliver, Hoax, Skirt, Give title to, Sell over, Oil, Take in, Captivate, Offer, Assign, Post, Bequeath, Drive home to, Selvage, Bill, Sign over, Realize, Sham, Inspire belief, Assure, Confer, Gain, Pass, Promote, Outmanoeuvre, Traffic, Supply, Make a sale, Catch out, Win over, Devolve upon, Con, Convey, Top off, Hook in, Carry conviction, Bring home to, Bark, Surrender, Sell off, Trade, Satisfy, Wholesale, Liquidate, Sign away, Give a write-up

How to use Sell in a sentence?

  1. He sold the idea of ​​making a film about Chachivsky.
  2. They sold the car.

Meaning of Sell & Sell Definition

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