Definition of Sell:

  1. A disappointment, typically one arising from being deceived as to the merits of something.

  2. To transfer ownership of a property in exchange for money or value.

  3. Give or hand over (something) in exchange for money.

  4. An act of selling or attempting to sell something.

  5. Trick or deceive (someone).

  6. Persuade someone of the merits of.

Synonyms of Sell

Deceive, Delude, Hoodwink, Mislead, Take in, Dupe, Fool, Double-cross, Cheat, Defraud, Swindle, Outwit, Outmanoeuvre, Catch out, Gull, Hoax, Bamboozle, Beguile, Vending, Selling off, Auctioning, Trading, Trade, Trade in, Abalienate, Advertise, Alien, Alienate, Amortize, Argue into, Assign, Assure, Ballyhoo, Bark, Barter, Be convincing, Be in, Be sold, Bequeath, Betray, Bill, Boost, Brim, Bring, Bring home to, Bring in, Bring over, Bring round, Bring to reason, Brink, Build up, Bulletin, Bunker, Captivate, Carry, Carry conviction, Cater, Cede, Charm, Cheat, Circularize, Clear the trade, Close out, Coal, Command, Con, Confer, Consign, Convert, Convert into cash, Convey, Convict, Convince, Convinced, Cross, Cry up, Cut under, Deal in, Deceit, Deception, Deed, Deed over, Deliver, Demise, Devolve upon, Dispose of, Double-cross, Draw, Draw over, Drive home to, Dump, Edge, Effect a sale, Enfeoff, Establish, Exchange, Fake, Feed, Fetch, Fill up, Flimflam, Flog, Forage, Fringe, Fuel, Furnish, Gain, Gain over, Gas, Gas up, Give, Give a write-up, Give away, Give publicity, Give title to, Gross, Hand, Hand down, Hand on, Hand over, Handle, Hawk, Hem, Hoax, Hook, Hook in, Inform against, Inspire belief, Job, Lead to believe, Liquidate, Make a sale, Make over, Market, Merchandise, Move, Negotiate, Net, Offer, Oil, Outtalk, Pass, Pass on, Pass over, Peddle, Perimeter, Periphery, Persuade, Persuaded, Placard, Plug, Post, Post bills, Post up, Press-agent, Prevail on, Prevail upon, Prevail with, Promote, Provender, Provision, Publicize, Puff, Purvey, Push, Put across, Put over, Put-on, Realize, Resell, Retail, Return, Sacrifice, Satisfy, Sell for, Sell off, Sell on consignment, Sell one on, Sell out, Sell over, Sell retail, Sell short, Sell up, Sell wholesale, Selvage, Settle, Settle on, Sham, Shop, Sign away, Sign over, Skirt, Spiel, Spoof, Stock, Supply, Surrender, Sway, Talk into, Talk over, Tattle on, Tell on, Terminate the account, Top off, Trade, Trade in, Traffic, Traffic in, Transfer, Transmit, Turn into money, Turn over, Undercut, Undersell, Unload, Vend, Verge, Victual, Wangle, Wangle into, Wear down, Wholesale, Win, Win over, Write up, Yield, Persuade someone to accept, Convince someone of the merits of, Talk someone into, Bring someone round to, Win someone over to, Get acceptance for, Win approval for, Get support for, Get across, Promote

How to use Sell in a sentence?

  1. He sold the idea of making a film about Tchaikovsky.
  2. They had sold the car.

Meaning of Sell & Sell Definition