What is Sell-off?

  1. A settlement is an immediate sale of a stock, security or commodity such as oil. An increase in supply leads to a reduction in the cost of collateral.

Literal Meanings of Sell-off


Meanings of Sell:
  1. Give (something) or return for money.

  2. Convince anyone of the benefits.

  3. Cheating or deception (someone)

  4. Trying to sell or sell something.

  5. Frustration, usually due to fraud about the issue.

Sentences of Sell
  1. They sold the car

  2. Sells the idea of ​​making a film about Tchaikovsky

Synonyms of Sell

trade, cheat, bamboozle, auctioning, deceive, get support for, catch out, defraud, delude, outwit, bring someone round to, swindle, hoax, trade in, mislead, fool, outmanoeuvre, win someone over to, selling off, double-cross, beguile, talk someone into, persuade someone to accept, take in, convince someone of the merits of, vending, trading, win approval for, gull, get across


Meanings of Off:
  1. Get up and go as soon as you can.

  2. Located or driving in the direction of (main road or intersection)

  3. To remove or separate from

  4. Half-court (spread across the court) until Peter's feet are in position to get the ball.

  5. It is characterized by unsatisfactory or inadequate performance, or feeling worse than usual.

  6. (Food) is not fresh anymore.

  7. Located on the side of the car, usually far from the sidewalk.

  8. Anger or unfairness.

  9. Away from the desired place in a certain direction or distance.

  10. Remove or separate

  11. Travel or start a career.

  12. Come back or be bullied.

Sentences of Off
  1. Wrapped up in bed

  2. Individual cable out of the main line

  3. Threats to break the occupation

  4. Deadly Art Style Bat from Outdoor Police

  5. Even the best athletes have a few days off

  6. The fish is a little loose

  7. The man ran away

  8. Take off his coat

Synonyms of Off

below the belt, rotten, unnecessary, inequitable, high, stale, unreasonable, uncalled for, from there, unjustified, putrescent, spoiled, unjustifiable, from here, unacceptable, unsatisfactory, sour, bad, unjust, to a distance, unfair, mouldy, putrid, unwarranted, away, rancid


What is The Meaning of Sell-off?

  • Definition of Sell-off: Liquidation is the immediate sale of oil, such as stocks, bonds or commodities. Increasing the offer reduces the value of the guarantee.

Literal Meanings of Sell-off


Meanings of Sell:
  1. Give or take (something) for money.

  2. The act of selling or trying to sell something.

  3. Frustration, usually due to deception about the merits of something.

Sentences of Sell
  1. Sell ​​the idea of ​​making a movie about Tchaikovsky. Upside down march

  2. Another TV commercial is the sale of Australian beer.

  3. In fact, Hawaii is a bit booked, with no patches on the Corfu.

Synonyms of Sell

put on sale, trafficking, salesmanship, exchanging, sales, traffic, put up for sale, barter, get acceptance for, trade (in), part-exchanging, give in part-exchange, dispose of, marketing, offer for sale, exchange, promote, advertising, auction (off), promotion, bartering, get rid of, part-exchange, merchandising


Meanings of Off:
  1. Away or at a distance from the place in question.

  2. Removed or separated.

  3. Get out of the way or run.

  4. Not working (from electrical device or power supply) or stopped working.

  5. Access to or possession of a limited amount of material goods or property.

  6. There is a temporary hesitation.

  7. Feature of poor or inadequate performance or feeling worse than usual.

  8. (Foods) are no longer fresh.

  9. Stay on the side of the car that is usually farthest from the road.

  10. Boring or unfair?

  11. Hostility or enmity

  12. The center of the playing field (divided by length) where the batsman's feet point to get up to catch the ball.

  13. The beginning of a career, journey or experience.

  14. Kill the murder.

Sentences of Off
  1. We are closed tomorrow

  2. We're too bad for books.

  3. He threatens to break down the door with his hook.

  4. Fever and no longer eating.

  5. Even the best players have a day off.

  6. The fish is a bit extinct

  7. Your boss took money from your salary. It's a little whimsical

  8. There is no one but the maid and she has come a little late.

  9. Now Ian is ready to go.

Synonyms of Off

unresponsive, over the fence, cold, frigid, offish, distant, unfriendly, cool, hostile, chilly, frosty, uncommunicative, a bit much, out of order, unapproachable, aloof, stand-offish, turned, a bit thick