Self Rating

Self Rating,

What is Self Rating?

  1. A simple definition of Self Rating is: Potential or disappointing prices, the level of which depends on the insurance experience. The term implies that the policyholder's experience in exposure and losses is large enough in size and time to be statistically reliable.

Literal Meanings of Self Rating


Meanings of Self:
  1. Self fertilization

  2. The essential existence of people that distinguishes them from others, especially as objects of self-knowledge or reflection.

  3. (Mold or cover) which is made of the same material and color as other materials.

Sentences of Self
  1. Independent species lose much of their power in their offspring

  2. Alienation from our true selves

  3. Belt dress


Meanings of Rating:
  1. Evaluation or evaluation of something or something based on quality, standard or performance criteria.

  2. Angry rebuke

Sentences of Rating
  1. The hotel has regained its five stars

Synonyms of Rating

standing, grade, class, classification, rank, categorization, category, grading, ranking, status, designation, placing, position