Self Piercing Earrings

Self Piercing Earrings

Does anyone know where to get their own pierced earrings? 3

I used it when I was 9 years old. My mom just bought them and wanted to pierce my ear, so we used them because I have more holes and still do. I am now 14 years old. I wanted my cartilage to be pierced and my mother would not let me do it alone with a completely sterile immune system. So it would be great if you could tell me where to find the perforated earrings.


Ok donc je veiens de discover qu'ils n'utilisent pas d'aiguille et qu'ils n'utilisent pas d'aiguille émoussée et je ne veux vraiment pas qu'une aiguille éventée Interesting ck de l'ilore. I really need these earrings.

OK update again. Just to let you know that they are just earrings. They are not ... they are small operations that have a point at one end and something to connect to the other. They are like clips, except that once you take them out, you put your finger in your ear =] push them in until they penetrate. It took 35 days to work.

Professionals do not wear piercings. You are not well They cannot be cleaned. Earrings that enter the ear are just germs and bacteria because they cannot be soaked for proper cleaning. It is important not to pierce the cartilage. It can cause a serious infection and cause your ear to fall off. Go to a tattoo / piercing salon and do it with a needle. It is less painful and more healthy. Or use sheets, but make sure your ears are clean during the healing process.

You can buy a pair of earrings on Piercing Paa, Claires, etc. for $ 20 and pierce the ear for free. stop. It's much easier when someone else does it for you.

Walmart sells earrings that are packaged in small plastic boxes that you can easily stack and contain earrings. I used it on my cartilage and it worked great! Just so you know that if you can handle the pain with just one needle, you can handle one, it won't hurt. My daughter was 3 months old, she didn't even cry when she did this.

In fact, they stopped using it to pierce cartilage, they used long needles. So you have to do it professionally, but Sally Hansen is with Beauty Supply.

I know Celebrity sells supply holes.

Self Piercing Earrings