Self-employment Tax

Self-employment Tax,

What Does Self-employment Tax Mean?

Independent taxpayers paid taxes to help with social security and health insurance. In 2010, the self-employment tax rate was 15.3% of a self-employed person's income.

Most people who run their own businesses, such as private owners, partners or independent contractors, are subject to self-employment tax. Taxes include self-employment benefits for Social Security (OASDI) and Medicare (HI), similar to taxes that prevent employers from paying employees.

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Self-employment Tax,

Self-employment Tax Definition:

Taxes paid by self-employed taxpayers to support health and social insurance. In 2010, the self-employed tax rate was 15.3% of the profits of self-employed workers.

Literal Meanings of Self-employment Tax


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Self Employment Tax

Most self-employed persons, such as B. SIMPLE OWNERS, PARTNERS, or independent contractors, are subject to bankruptcy tax. The taxes provide coverage for Social Security (OASDI) and Medicare (HI) benefits for the self-employed, similar to the taxes employers withhold from the wages they pay their employees.