Definition of Self-determination:

  1. The process by which a country determines its own statehood and forms its own allegiances and government.

  2. Fundamental right of all people to freely decide own political status and to freely pursue own cultural, economic, and social development. The concept of self-determination was embodied first in the American Declaration Of Independence (1776) and then in the Frances Declaration Of The Rights Of Man (1789). It is embodied also in the UN charter.

Synonyms of Self-determination

Autonomy, Independence, Self-government, Self-rule, Home rule, Self-legislation, Self-determination, Non-alignment, Freedom, Communist threat, Declaration of Independence, Western imperialism, Absolute monarchy, Aristocracy, Atrocity story, Autarchy, Autarky, Autocracy, Automatic control, Automation, Automatism, Automatization, Autonomousness, Autonomy, Banner, Battle hymn, Bloody shirt, Coalition government, Colonialism, Colors, Commonwealth, Constitutional government, Constitutional monarchy, Crostarie, Democracy, Dictatorship, Dominion rule, Duarchy, Duumvirate, Dyarchy, Expansionism, Face, Federal government, Federation, Feudal system, Fiery cross, Free will, Garrison state, Gerontocracy, Gonfalon, Gratuitousness, Heteronomy, Hierarchy, Hierocracy, Home rule, Imperialist threat, Independence, Individualism, Inner-direction, Internationalism, Internationality, Limited monarchy, Manifest destiny, Martial law, Martial music, Meritocracy, Militarism, Military government, Mob rule, Mobocracy, Monarchy, National anthem, Nationalism, Nationality, Nationhood, Neocolonialism, Ochlocracy, Oligarchy, Pantisocracy, Patriarchate, Patriarchy, Peoplehood, Police state, Pure democracy, Regency, Representative democracy, Representative government, Republic, Rugged individualism, Self-action, Self-activity, Self-containment, Self-direction, Self-government, Self-motion, Self-propulsion, Self-regulation, Self-reliance, Self-sufficiency, Social democracy, Sovereign nationhood, Sovereignty, Spontaneity, Spontaneousness, Statehood, Stratocracy, Technocracy, Thearchy, Theocracy, Totalitarian government, Totalitarian regime, Triarchy, Triumvirate, Tyranny, Unforcedness, Voluntariness, Voluntarism, Voluntaryism, Volunteer, Volunteering, War song, Welfare state, Yellow peril

How to use Self-determination in a sentence?

  1. While working in the mental health field, we assisted people in writing and carrying out their self-determination goals to the best of their ability.
  2. Americans have a strong sense of self-determination because it has been ingrained in their collective psyche because of the American Declaration of Independence which is taught in every school.
  3. The changes cannot be made until the countrys right to self-determination is recognized.
  4. Citizens of the United States have the power of self-determination , this empowers them to choose their own future and fate.

Meaning of Self-determination & Self-determination Definition