Definition of Self-assessment:

  1. Evaluate or evaluate yourself or your actions and attitudes, especially your performance in work or learning activities, which are attracted to the quality of the goal.

  2. Management: An ongoing process in which managers at all levels review the effectiveness of their performance in all areas of responsibility and identify necessary improvements.

  3. Taxation: A tax collection system in which taxpayer agencies are responsible for accurately calculating and reporting their tax liabilities.

How to use Self-assessment in a sentence?

  1. Self-assessment process.
  2. As an individual, you need to be able to make accurate self-assessments to maximize your growth.
  3. Self-assessment is useful in determining the most suitable person for a new position, as many people apply, but only one is promoted.
  4. They should really set up a self-assessment process to find out where they went wrong in their business.

Meaning of Self-assessment & Self-assessment Definition



  • The system under which the taxpayer is a primary taxpayer (date z .. The role of the tax authority is to check (perhaps in random cases) whether the taxpayer has declared his income correctly.

  • Meaning of Self-assessment: Calculation of tax legality. In Ireland, for example, as an automated person, you usually have to file your income tax return by October 31 of each year.

Literal Meanings of Self-assessment


Meanings of Self:
  1. The basic essence of people that distinguishes them from others is seen primarily as a process of self-knowledge or reflection.

  2. Guided for himself or herself.

Sentences of Self
  1. Our alienation from our true self.

Synonyms of Self

personality, soul, one's heart of hearts, psyche, oneself, inner man/woman/person, ego, I, mind, person, persona, one's innermost feelings, identity, character, spirit, intellect, inner self


Synonyms of Assessment

calculation, estimate, evaluation, computation, gauging, opinion, pricing, judgement, estimation, valuation, costing, analysis, rating, appraisal