Selective Attention

Selective Attention,

How Do You Define Selective Attention?

  1. This term applies to users who only pay attention to or know specific information in advertisements, etc., as it is only in the interest of the users.

Literal Meanings of Selective Attention


Meanings of Selective:
  1. In connection with the selection or selection of the most suitable or eligible persons.

Sentences of Selective
  1. Small generations are the result of generation after generation


Meanings of Attention:
  1. Information from someone or something about someone or something of interest or importance.

  2. The process of treating or caring for something.

  3. This position is assumed to be a tall standing soldier, with each other's heels and sides extended.

Sentences of Attention
  1. Displays three misspellings

  2. The company needs your attention

  3. When we arrived, the troops were paying attention

Synonyms of Attention

attentiveness, concentration, heed, consciousness, awareness, mindfulness, regard, scrutiny, observation, surveillance, heedfulness, recognition, intentness, notice