Definition of Selection:

  1. A process in which environmental or genetic influences determine which types of organism thrive better than others, regarded as a factor in evolution.

  2. A consumers choice of a product or service.

  3. The available products or services that a company offers a consumer. A business with a wide array of available choices is considered to have a wide selection.

  4. The action or fact of carefully choosing someone or something as being the best or most suitable.

Synonyms of Selection

Abstract, Acumen, Allocation, Alternative, Alternativity, Appointment, Assignment, Assortment, Attribution, Batch, Categorization, Characterization, Choice, Choosing, Co-optation, Co-option, Collection, Culling, Decision, Denomination, Denotation, Designation, Determination, Differentiation, Discernment, Disclosure, Discrimination, Draft, Drafting, Druthers, Electing, Election, Excerpt, Excerption, Expression, Extract, Extraction, Fingering, First choice, Fixing, Free choice, Free will, Gradation, Group, Grouping, Hint, Identification, Indication, Indicativeness, Insight, Manifestation, Meaning, Naming, Nomination, Number, Option, Ordainment, Ordination, Passage, Pick, Picking, Picking out, Piece, Pinning down, Placement, Pointing, Pointing out, Pointing to, Posting, Precision, Preference, Preoption, Quotation, Quote, Range, Ranking, Screening, Selected passage, Selecting, Series, Set, Show, Showing, Sifting, Signification, Sorting, Sorting out, Specification, Stipulation, Subordination, Suggestion, Symptomaticness, Tabbing, Taxonomy, The pick, Transferral, Triage, Variety, Volition, Will

How to use Selection in a sentence?

  1. There has been more than enough time for selection to generate specific DNA sequences of the required length.
  2. The selection method by the target group was determined by our marketing manager, this information proved vital to our success.
  3. The selection process was a lot easier than I thought because it was obvious who the best people were to choose.
  4. Such men decided the selection of candidates.
  5. Putting out a good selection of products will make it more likely that a customer finds something that they want to buy.

Meaning of Selection & Selection Definition


Definition of Selection:

Selection means: The process of deciding whether to insure a particular entity. The choice is usually made by insurance companies.

Meanings of Selection

  1. Someone's careful action or choice or the best or most appropriate thing.

  2. A process by which environmental or genetic influences determine what kind of organisms grow better than others, which is considered an evolutionary factor.

Sentences of Selection

  1. These people decide the choice of candidates

  2. There is more than enough time for selection to develop a specific DNA sequence of the desired length