Definition of SELECT:

  1. Acronym for the six step process involved in marketing research: (1) Situation analysis, (2) Explicit statement of objectives, (3) Laying down of the research strategy and data collection methodology, (4) Evaluation of data for arriving at a decision, (5) Creation of a plan of action, and (6) Testing of the effectiveness of the decision.

  2. (of a group of people or things) carefully chosen from a larger number as being the best or most valuable.

  3. Carefully choose as being the best or most suitable.

Synonyms of SELECT

Accepted, Adopted, Advert to, Allude to, Analyze, Appoint, Appointed, Approved, Assign, Be taken as, Best, Better, Carried, Champion, Choice, Choose, Choose out, Chosen, Clannish, Cliquish, Closed, Contradistinguish, Cream, Cull, Dainty, Decide between, Delicate, Demarcate, Demark, Denominate, Denote, Designate, Designated, Determine, Differentiate, Discriminate, Discriminating, Distinguish, Divide, Draw the line, Elect, Elected, Elected by acclamation, Elegant, Elite, Emblematize, Embraced, Espoused, Ethnocentric, Excellent, Exceptional, Excerpt, Excluding, Exclusive, Exclusory, Exquisite, Extract, Fat, Favored, Favorite, Figure, Fine, Finest, Finger, First-class, First-rate, Fix, Flower, For the best, Glean, Greatest, Handpick, Handpicked, Inadmissible, Indicate, Insular, Limited, Make a selection, Mark, Mark the interface, Matchless, Mention, Name, Named, Narrow, Nominate, Nominated, Nonesuch, Nonpareil, Opt for, Optimal, Optimum, Ordain, Ordinate, Paragon, Paramount, Parochial, Passed, Peerless, Pick, Pick out, Picked, Pin down, Point at, Point out, Point to, Preclusive, Prefer, Preferable, Preferred, Prescriptive, Preventive, Prime, Privileged, Prize, Prohibitive, Queen, Quintessence, Quintessential, Rare, Ratified, Recherche, Refer to, Restricted, Restrictive, Screen, Screen out, Screened, Seclusive, Segregate, Segregative, Selected, Selective, Separate, Separative, Set, Set a limit, Set apart, Set off, Sever, Severalize, Sieve, Sieve out, Sift, Sift out, Signify, Single out, Snobbish, Snobby, Sort, Sort out, Special, Specialize, Specify, Split hairs, Stand for, State, Stigmatize, Stipulate, Subdivide, Subtilize, Superior, Superlative, Supreme, Surpassing, Symbol, Symbolize, Tab, Take, The best, The best ever, The tops, The very best, Top, Typify, Unanimously elected, Unmatchable, Unmatched, Unparalleled, Unsurpassed, Very best, Winnow, Xenophobic, Choose, Pick, Hand-pick, Single out, Pick out, Sort out, Take, Opt for, Decide on, Settle on, Set, Fix, Fix on, Adopt, Determine, Designate, Name, Nominate, Appoint, Elect, Specify, Stipulate, Prefer, Favour, Choice, Hand-picked, Carefully chosen, Prime, First-rate, First-class, High-grade, Grade A, Superior, Finest, Best, High-quality, Top-quality, Top-class, A-list, Supreme, Superb, Excellent, Rare, Prize, Prize-winning, Award-winning

How to use SELECT in a sentence?

  1. He has been selected to take part.
  2. He joined his select team of young Intelligence operatives.

Meaning of SELECT & SELECT Definition