Seguem Em Anexo

Seguem Em Anexo

Or right? please explain?

Follow me, in the attachment, you name it. Investor:

They are listed in the appendix.

Just follow the link.

It works in any three ways!

I read a sentence about Sutra, now the following is as follows:

You have named the following (?) In the attachment. (Not true).

Name your follow, not follow!

Because in this form there is no correspondence between the noun (noun) and the verb o (to follow).



Follow me in the appendix as directed.

As an adjective, as an adjective, agreed - or the noun as it is meant. Former:

Follow the image attached or ill.

I sent the deposit slip with the file.

If it represents a name, it does not change and can be used as a prefix £ £ or EM. This is when you see the attachment (1 box, 1 envelope, 1 box, etc.) and inside the object or thing you are looking for. Former:

Follow me in the appendix as directed. (The list of two names is not published in the pack, but in the envelope with the pack).

Note: Obviously this correspondence must be present in the node between the subject and the prediction (names continue in the appendix).


* First of all, I explained your suspicion whether the joint is verbal or follows. In this case, or correctly; following, agreeing with the pea as an article, you will realize that it is not a combination.

* The referrer expresses attachment and in attachment: it depends on the context.

It is a variable when an appendix becomes an adjective. When the expression or appendix for a noun is unchangeable in.

An example:

You will see a list of names and send them by email, post, etc. You can ask Seguem to add it to your e-mail (or e-mail) when you name it when your letter or e-mail is not specified at all.

So, for example, for an e-mail file that you send, you must specify that these (or files) follow your e-mail or your e-mail (because the name for the file is IN. -ANNEX and EM numbers are from ANANNEX or E-mail) or no email with the name attached to the file.

Esp has gradually become available.

No one else Or correct ©: after appendix names ...

When are some files attached to email? Said right in the appendix, requested all files?

Seguem Em Anexo

Seguem Em Anexo

Attach I follow your names I don't know, all I know is © © im !!

Hope to have a relationship with you!

Basically that I have helped you !!!

* ¨Â¨ * ¨Â¨ * Bejinhus * ¨Ã¨ * ¨Â¨ *

Names are attached without hsuashasuhausah.

No kidding, as the previous answer is correct.

Their names are attached

Peas or the following verbs refer to nouns in the appendix, not to nouns.

Go to name: appendix to get the correct answer.

Okay fine

to fly !!

Seguem Em Anexo