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Segue Anexo Ou Segue Em Anexo

Or what would you say, follow the attached ... or follow the attached ...? ۔

Without context, for example, as it would be correct:

Follow my CV attachments ...


Follow the appendix to my resume ...

In other words, edit or write, attached or together is correct.

Don't use the ending, seriously or similarly, for (curriculum) which is not attached.

Public competition missions.

Both are correct, such as a sentence or adverb in Appendix 2, so that it completes or omits the verb.

Dear Brino, your question again, maybe he did, I'll have some attachments.

Example: Attached Document .....

Because I know that a sick appendix is ​​always sick, I don't need to mention the following word.

many years

Segue Anexo Ou Segue Em Anexo

Segue Anexo Ou Segue Em Anexo

None of the examples given will be indifferent, both forms are acceptable.

You have an opinion, Zebalim.

Follow the link.

You have to believe.

You can take one form or another. But beware of how sorry you are.

* © Irrevocable in Appendix. It is not imported as feminine, masculine, singular or plural. But: its place at the end of the prayer یا more or stake © te artero. He likes to go there and come here. When changing position, for coma or claim: in rota or sick supplement. In the appendix I drove or got sick. Rotate, attached or sick. As follows in the appendix. Appendices are full of letters. As a letter, in the appendix, the following is appropriate.

* Appendix 2 adjectives. It fits as a noun referenced in g andn and num. Or the epic location of the object. This is an irreversible change of position to declare a coma: a letter-linked transition. Attach, attach the card. The attached letter is as follows. As an attached letter. Attached, multiple characters. Forwarding document. Attachments, routes or documents. Paths, attachments or ill. Send attachments, documents. Come on, you're sick.

Follow the attachment, my resume. (Or more used).

More on: Don't follow any attachments, my resume.

Because you need to open or attach someone's resume to view it.

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